I remember a time in my life
when I felt trapped in my body
when I didn’t feel free
or secure in myself
or hopeful about my health situation,

I also remembering thinking,
is this just normal
everyone seems to be struggling

this experience taught me so much about what is actually possible
when I listened to my body
when I tuned into my vision

I was told I needed medication for my thyroid imbalance,
deep in my soul I knew that medication wasn’t the answer,
it was the easy answer,
but not the right answer-
and not easy
as it wasn’t healing the root
and masking my path to happiness

More toxicity on top of toxicity didn’t make sense to me, when toxicity was the cause,

But finding a way my body would understand, is what lead me to my freedom and happiness in my body

feeling empowered that my vision was possible when we do health the natural way

I knew there had to be another way,
a way that really supported my body that gave my body what she needed to really heal

I decided to find another way,
I said no Thank you, and walked away from something which I saw suppressing so many into false hope false security false freedom

I wanted real freedom, the freedom
I know you want too, and that is real,
and that is available to you right now

I was at the beginning of my studies
a 4 year deep dive into naturopathy nutrition plants cleansing detox spiritual healing and reconnection

I stopped searching outside myself and
started looking within,
at my root cause
my food habits
my emotions,
and looking for proof of the results
I wanted,
if some else could do it,
so could I

I started to see how many others had healed themselves naturally
with plant foods cleansing detoxing
with shifting their lifestyle

To those of you that feel hopeless confused of what is your next step,
even if you’ve tried so much,
whatever is going on for you right now

Know you have the power within you to heal, to make the right food choices to heal your root cause,
and to live life on your terms

You have been given a body that can heal itself, all it requires is for you to remember this,

and remember that nature
has give us everything,
to heal all

You are powerful, and your body is naturally deigned to heal itself,
no matter what anyone else says,

we can all heal ourselves naturally,
trust you can,
know you can,
if symptoms can be created
they can all be uncreated

Step by step
Each day tune into you
What do I need today?
What is my body telling me today?

Leave a ❤️🙌🏻❤️if this resonates with you.


You can heal it all, health and happiness is your birthright,

Arianna x

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