Firstly let me share a short story, at 17 years old

I remember walking into the doctors surgery with a life threatening condition and being handed paracetamol, from that day on I never felt safe in a doctors room and haven’t been in one for over 10 years #trustthegut

I was on a call with one of ma Health Goddesses (my name for our gorgeous clients) and we were celebrating how much has shifted for her in only 5 weeks on her Bespoke Body Awakening Reset program 

even after years of body struggles, weight gain, stress, stimulant overload, medication, eating lots of acidic foods, lacking energy focus and emotional balance, with a proven truthful process the results speak for themselves,

You do get to experience a whole new space in this body when she gets what she needs via the right foods going in, toxics coming out, strong healthy organs, being heard, and trusting your body wisdom

this Health Goddess V has been on HRT and antidepressants for many years, she asked me, 

“should I book in for my next HRT?”

she told me normally 2 months before the next is due she would be feeling irritated unsettled anxious stressed

NONE of these symptoms were present after 5 weeks on her bespoke Reset program 

So my answer, “listen to what your body is showing you” 

your body knows, it doesn’t matter if someone says “you need it” “you’re … old” all that bhla 

I stand for no one telling me how old I am or this is bound to happen or I will need this because I’m …old – I’ll decide that for myself, and you can too!

AND, those hormones do not start depleting at 35, they will if you believe it (belief biology link) 

I’m ‘38’ in July, and can’t wait to be a mum one day, I’m not in the slightest bit worried about my age, or body or hormones, because I know my body is fit healthy clean and pure, and I’m in control of her, no one else!!!!!

So, one thing here, the shifts Health Goddess V is experiencing is telling her her hormones have already started to heal harmonise and align to health

…and why her HRT appointment is 2 weeks away and still no horrible symptoms she would usually experience 2 months before!!! 

No more HRT. When the body gets what it REALLY needs, not what you think it needs what it really needs, shift shifts fast.

…and here it is, you get to own that shift in your body and say “no thanks, I can take this from here!” with so much love in these words of liberation – you soul sovereign!

when I started to see my own body shift out of chronic ill-health to Vibrant health that would have one day felt unimaginable, I gave myself permission to own my bodies language of feeling

the truth, 

to trust what

I know feel within … 

is truth …

what have we been up too? 

setting a solid sustainable nourishing liberating optimal plant-based foundation, taking specific herbal formulas, BA emotional clearing and healing sessions, and a gentle bit of detoxing, 

…and we continue for another 5 months really anchoring permanent health, weight-loss, focus, coming off all medication, to totally LIBERATE! #homecomingbaby

Health Goddess V is starting to ween off her anti-depressant meds, a s coming of HRT, which she knows have caused way more harm than good

…and now she’s feeling her body temple step by step come back to the truth of bliss balance and boundless energy inside-out, weight starting to drop gradually for lasting permanent results, the body is healing 

…the body knows

…and so do you,

Trust your process.

What if you trusted what you felt here now?

Truth is nature.



Arianna x


Award-winning Women’s Health Specialist.

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