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The Ultimate FREEDOM On All Levels

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Arianna will guide you through a deep body awakening journey over 12 months to help you heal your body fully, that will take you to health excellence, living truly liberated in your body and every area of your life.

This opportunity is designed for individuals who have reached high levels of success in their life but are still left KNOWING they have so much more to give and are desiring guidance to help them fulfil their most optimal state of wellbeing, body mind and soul.



It’s for the leaders of this world who are driven by their purpose, and feeling and looking their absolute best, and who KNOW their health is a huge part of impacting more and being more in the world.

It’s for the tuned-in souls who know that the answer to living in true, vibrant, limitless health and life abundance starts and finishes within them, who desire to uncover the secrets to let this energy of body freedom flow with ease.


If you are ready to truly receive and experience this liberation, you will join Arianna in:

Unlimited mentoring calls each month
Exclusive in-person 1:1 VIP intensive days & a sacred 1:1 retreat expereinece in a very special energy vortex of the world, high energy, means massive transformation and shifts!!!
Daily accountability access
ALL IN access to Arianna’s The Body Awakening Way wisomd and knowledge daily
And the ongoing support and sharing of energy by Arianna

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Who is Arianna Aunon?

Arianna Aunon is an award-winning womens health specialist, coach, cellular detox expert, writer, speaker entrepreneur,  faciliator of self-love, plant-food medicine woman and frequency healer. She is a grounding anchor, incredibly supportive and inspiring, and many say being in her energy is all you need to shift expansive, peaceful, pure light and divine feminine.

When she isn’t deep in writing her next book, or sharing her powerful message via her live video’s @ariannaaunon, or travelling the globe holding the prestigious ‘The Body Awakening LuxuryLiving Retreats’, on Ibiza’s quartz crystal or another potent vortex of this preciosu earth!

she’s running her body awakening women’s health specialist business as a health enthusiast, writer, speaker, facilitator and vibrant mentor to women and men that are ready to live their dreams in a body they love and feel at peace and confident in, who seek to be the best version of themselves and embody self-illunimation!

Featured in Britsih Vogue numerous times with The Body Awakening Ibiza named a dream healing destination, over a decade in the field of health and healing, a tribe of followers online, 1:1 coaching, retreats and online healing expereiences, Arianna is known for offering a service ‘Powerfully Different’ to the rest of the health industry.

Her great mission in life is to be the change the world wishes to see, and to activate this in as many other souls here on our sacred Earth, standing as sovereign beings, GodGoddess’s we rise as one as we birth the New Earth!

In our illumiated bodies of divine LOVE.

Client Testimonials:

“Amazing experience working with Arianna, this lady really understands true health on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Recommend highly! – Katrina Ruth, 

“I am off thyroid medication I have been on for 14 toxic years, have lost 4 stone in weight and am literally glowing. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind.” – Emma Durdy

“This has also allowed me to align more with my passions and love myself more. I for sure feel better, have loads more energy and ambition.” – Elizabeth Pumer Yoga

“I have lost over 2 and a half stone which is amazing, gone from a size 16 to a 10, painful periods have gone, and can actually enjoy life again” – Claire Folland

“I am so happy, I lost 10lb and I’m still losing weight weekly. I am a happier healthier person” – Christine Bentley

“I’ve made radical shifts not just physically but also in my confidence and aliveness, which has also resulted in more visibility and me stepping into my true feminine power more than ever and reaching my first 50k in business” – Shamoni Gilani

“Thanks Arianna for being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and to offer something powerfully different in the sea of confusion and frustration that is the food and nutrition industry.” – Wendy Prior, Personal Change Specialist

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