…‘it’s just about nutrition’….Absolutely, that is the foundation, but that isn’t just what this journey is about

If we don’t heal our trauma shams wounds situated in our lower chakras, that woman will never quite feel at home in her body, at peace, truly loving and expressing herself

emotions have to be addressed and healed and released, for the physical shift of excess weight to be eliminated

Does that weight keep coming back? or just won’t shift? Is it being stubborn?

…here’s one of the reasons why precious woman;

the trauma held in the lower body often sexual, blocks the weight shifting and the full reclaiming of her feminine power, and her voice, and why throat/voice/expression and sacral chakras are so deeply linked, womb and throat have the same tissue

🕉heal below-heal above-sets her free🕉

when I addressed my own trauma honestly, it felt like my spirit was reignited, a remembrance of my truth, freedom into who I really am, a safety returned to be myself, to be free in my body, to love myself

When a women gets real with herself, when she no longer lies about how she feels to fit in or please another or feeling to much or like a burden

when she allows herself to be witnessed by another, it’s liberation, it’s relief, it’s the exhale of “I AM Safe”

Finally, no longer is that woman carrying on the persecution of her own inner priestess, but she’s owning her needs desires feelings voice as a powerful beautiful courageous woman who knows who she IS

when the food habits comfort eating emotions addictions of the lower body ‘gut’ are addressed, the body is freed up to truly feel – so she can move forward in her life, feeling more balanced nourished and calm

…there can be layers, I can raise my hand to that, I have moments where a reaction will come up, and I’ll see how it was my sexual trauma playing out, residues 

…but in that space of awareness and feeling (bringing together both masculine and feminine) beautiful healing takes place, allowing what is to be witnessed and released, so it no longer runs her life 

‘S came to me as she was suffering from extreme body pain all over, cravings, weight gain exhaustion, barely walking, after 3 months of working together, we revealed and healed her sexual trauma, detoxed her body, and re-ignited peace joy power back in her body, she lost 20lbs in weight regained bounds of energy was walking. and she took her online business to £100k+ rapidly, feeling confident, and remembering the aliveness she was here to feel in her feminine body.’

You do not have to do this alone, if you would like to talk, we offer a complimentary Body Breakthrough call to discuss the process and this can support you a much easier way

It was the honouring of what happened at 5 years old that has totally shifted my inner world to finally owning the high-end priestess womens health coach I am now

I see you!

You are safe to feel and acknowledge.

You are so loved,

Arianna xxx