what it is to be a woman

to find balance in this temple 

to be with this body

to learn a deep acceptance 

to learn how to love ourselves 

to learn to love every part 

to remember our sacredness 

to bin the comparing

to come home to our heart

to love who we are 

to love it all,

For we are God-Goddess

divinely perfect

humanly alive 

just working this life out

letting authenticity lead the way 

Dear woman, I see you

Goddess, I hear you

Queen, I feel you

Let’s rock this Heaven on Earth 

together … let’s remember …

No matter how confident I may look express, 

I have my insecurities,

I feel alone, a lot 

I cry, a lot

I also laugh at myself, a lot, 

and I choose to never let any of it hold me back from showing up for my holy mission of destiny here on Earth, as it did for so long! 

I said yes to my purpose, and that is everything, it’s life it’s me it’s this body, it’s joy, it’s freedom, it’s creation in this wo-MOON body of magic! 

Embrace your magic!🔥

I love you dear Woman❤️AA❤️