Do you eat when you are hungry or when society has told you too or because the craving is so ‘eat me’ you can’t resist?

I use to eat the norm breakfast lunch dinner, I would feel guilty if I had a snack, oh gosh how many calories am I having, guilty if I had a glass of wine or piece of chocolate🍫(no more)

… this doesn’t have to be your reality, you can set yourself free!👙Calories do not matter, it’s never been about calories!🥥

as you tune deeper into your body wisdom, truth, listen to your body, no longer ruled by your emotions and cravings, instead you eat when you truly feel it for nourishment and pleasure, yes to eat for pleasure is Ok love!

No longer controlled by the parasites craving what they want- sugar fat junk caffeine blah 

I know the difference between the body going into detox and hunger, you think you’re hungry when it’s just the body finally getting a breather to catch up on its detox pathways 

Food is not our only food, some of the other foods that feed my soul are- singing dancing poetry writing loving breathing nature embracing with other souls barefoot grounding being with my heart, so nourishing 

such a journey to liberation awaits 

when you choose to self-LOVE💕

 … no longer is food an escape, 

but a peaceful relationship, as you rekindle your inner trust and peace with the relationship with you, emotions begin to heal and you feel your center again …

you breath again, 

home to your heart

home to your truth 

I will eat a delicious food just for the divine pleasure of it if I want too, and no longer hate myself for it, because I know I am worthy of pleasure beauty treats love happiness and health #soullove WE all are!! #unity 

What does pleasure mean to you? What is food to you? What is your relationship with your body right now? 

the solution is to:

🌿make YOU a priority 

🌿give yourself permission to FEEL your best

🌿choose and decide what you want, 

OWN it!

🌿cleanse detox CLEAR the body temple at a cellular level

🌿using pH balanced nutrition to transition RESET and regenerate

Boom Beauty! anything is possible with natures alkalising power and self-love! 

Love you!♥️