WHY DID I GO VEGAN? actually beyond vegan

Arianna Aunon, beyond vegan advocate

This was another defining moment in my life, the whole vegan thing, which there are so many ways at approaching, but unfortunately not many of them lead to health … I found this out in my own body. 

so, I went on a journey of inquiry, I did what felt like every diet way of eating out there, to never get to where I truly felt I wanted to

I always had this thing of wanting to just “feel at peace within myself” to feel confident in myself ‘ to feel relaxed in my being – but it always seemed to elude me, so I kept seeking …. out there. 

UNTIL, I found out a thing or two about nutrition, the human body, how it heals, ph balance, cellular healing, cell cleaning, and embodiment. 

I spent decades just stuffing more food in, healthy some yep, but still a lot of acids, my perspective was veiled, much was unconsciously leading me in circles

Vegan does not mean healthy.

Vegan can still be highly acidic and toxic. I mean you can drink vegan beer and it crisps, this is obviously not leading to health in any way, we all know that!

so my perspective was shattered, and I let it be, I embraced the death of my ego and embarked on a new path, one that finally started to make sense to me … just eating ‘healthy food’ or ‘adding more in’ does mean it’ll lead to health 

the epiphany was, “what about all that toxicity junk that I fed myself” exactly, that stuff hasn’t disappeared cause you put it in your body maybe 1-5-10 years ago, UNLESS, you’ve done the cell deep cleaning … it’ll be what’s running your life and health 

So the magic moment was this, FUCK, I get to totally transform myself inside-out, through using food, which is alkaline pure whole light cellular, this is the medicine that eliminates – excess weight battles confidence struggles stress situations self hate cycles 

So it’s not about I’m vegan I’m paleo I’m keto I’m veggie, that’s all whatever, the SECRET- to this health liberation lifelong radical freedom thing, is what pH is your body at? this is what will determine your health and how life unfolds, purpose creation happiness…

and the magic is, YOU are in charge of your pH, by eating cleaning detoxing all that medication old emotions past traumas out of your body, here you’ll get the lasting weight loss and body you desire and deserve Beauty!

…the crucial piece is; the foundation of nutrition has to be set before doing any detoxing, otherwise, you go back to eating what you did before, and really there’s not much moving forward, so, set a strong nutrition transition foundation and see your yourself come alive light pure clear energized and feeling your absolute best! this is part of what I LOVE to support my amazing clients with! Freedom baby!

So Beautiful, what is your nutrition foundation right now? 

If you want to get started with your health foundation of nutrition and healing your body fully at the cell level- for lasting weight loss and feeling at peace, ready to awaken your purpose and activate your SOUL, committed to your vision, and want guidance…

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