I’ve been watching an inspiring heartwarming documentary called ‘Tales of light’, showing the pure majesty and sentient life we have around us 

lead to fear a Shark, but lead into the false safety of medication and vaccinations, it’s fucked up!

I remember watching jaws as a child, I’ve always been so afraid of sharks, yet this docu has allowed me to shift fear into love for these incredible creatures encounters of people that have built trust with the sharks, a human giving a shark affection, the most sweet heart warming image, it’s all comes back to love

so many have forgotten that ALL animals just like us humans are made of love, and simply want to give love be loved feel love and feel how good it feels to have the affection of another’s touch 

Sharks are an endangered species now due to shark fin soup in China, this shows the negative effects of the human ego, to keep up with the Jones and kill a majestic creature for its fin🦈

…and this goes for all animals, no human needs to eat animals, most of us just grow up thinking we need it to be strong and healthy, couldn’t be further from the truth 

it’s become normal easy another addiction, with BS claims by people in nutrition food health that don’t understand the human bodies needs and how it heals

…it means,

to change 

to detox addictions

to detox the acid body 

to really remember what this life is about, 

that we are all one

all sacred

all sentient beings 

to return home to a sacredness of life where man and animals live as one, loving supporting caring and living in harmony

Veganism will change this planet, it opens up the human heart, it reconnects us to this precious life, it brings us closer, and allows humanity to remember their true nature, of unity love open kind gentle peaceful and well

I stand for a life where no animal needs to be killed for the consumption by a human, it’s actually causing major dis-ease, the human body is not build to digest animal proteins and all the chemicals in it, 

🌿plants are the healers🌿

…and organic or not, it doesn’t matter, came on friends, it’s time for change!

to freedom for all, including our wildlife!!!!

What’s your next step?

In love & peace❤️