My story for yonks, good girl always doing must prove myself, must make my family proud of me, BS!

Who are you trying to prove what to?

Until it gets so tiring, so suffocating, you wonder what the heck have I been doing…

Then I remembered, an Awakened woman validates herself from within, she doesn’t hang of likes, family praise, what another thinks is best for her, no no



So Beauty, when do you choose to do it for you? not for anyone else! but you do it for YOU🌬🫐👙

…because you are worth it, you are worthy of it, without ANYONE else’s permission, the ONLY permission you need, is to give it to yourself,

see the resistance 

see the proving

see the validation 

for what it is.

To FEEL accepted,

To BE accepted,

But that acceptance 

never comes outside you

“I AM self-acceptance.”

Accept you’ve got it

Accept you can do it

Accept what IS right now … even relax into all of it … and it’s right HERE … you get to move forward 

Acceptance allows embrace and opening into the unknown, cause actually that unknown freaky place you fear so much, it’s not unknown at all, you’ve done it ALL before

You’re a born healer, we all are, you’re just remembering, gathering ya tools the wisdoms higher knowledge once more

And there it is,






Own it.

Know it.

Now will you give yourself permission to love yourself to care for yourself to claim that self-worth self-belief self-love

…and DO + BE what needs to now happen to take the action you know you gotta take

Remember, you’re just remembering it all.

…the vision, feed it with love optimism high frequencies and ya vision WILL prevail, confident grounded centered in her true Self 

light bright glowing flowering with absolute FREEDOM🌸

yes!!! the true feminine spirit, she’s freedom, she doesn’t have to prove anything, because she IS EVERYTHING!

Now own that Beautiful.

I got you! 

Let’s RISE and SHINE!

Be true.

Be you.


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