Green juice for Suffering OR FREEDOM?

This temporal realm breeds you to believe that you are a victim to your circumstances, when you are not, no one is, this shifts you to an empowered Wo-Man state!

…and it’s nothing about being ignorant to suffering, no it’s very real and it’s happening all over our sacred mama earth, but when there’s a way through, this must be the focus of mercy for things to change, 

what you focus on grows, where’s your focus?

… the reality is only, and has every only been the suffering held in the mind (human psyche) being projected out, so address the mind (go to the root) internally, within, go there, you will remember freedom 

…and the mind lives in every cell of your being, and why everything is impacted… 

this human life has taught me,

we can overcome anything, 

Absolutely Anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!🧚🏻‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️💃🏻🎉

…is everyone you know sick? No. that’s all you need, just one person even to show you what’s possible, if you do the work, if you clear the way, if you set the foundation, if you shift to believing YOU CAN, it can be simple…

if I can abuse myself beyond what most could ever imagine with drugs alcohol to chronically sick and totally dead inside,

…to now be living a life unimaginable from then, of JOY SPARKLE CLARITY PURPOSE ENERGISED LIGHT MAGICAL FREEDOM in my body that IS now  my sacred temple of love and joy 

… then it simply shows you, BELIEVE IMAGINE DREAM WISELY, NEVER GIVE UP, what are you waiting for love? You hold the key right now🗝

Awaken to your divine body my Beauty!

love always ❤️


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