WHEN SHE REMEMBERED HER SACRED POWER … spoke her truth … she embodied freedom 🔥🌹💞

I first took back my power around my health at 17, when I went to the doctor with a fatal eating disorder, weighing 4.5 stone, eating less than 100 calories,
…and I was offered paracetamol!!!

I am not saying all doctors haven’t got a clue what they’re doing when it comes to true health and healing, there are some amazing doctors out there now taking the NATURAL route,
But this was my first experience of an action so unconscious, and I saw straight through it, I could feel it was off,
it didn’t sit well in my gut,
it was a massive,
No Way!

I ended up going to talk with an amazing women, through voicing my struggles and pains, I began to release the pain, blocks and confusion gradually, and then I started some art therapy, which was pure expressive purging it out onto canvas,
two potent tools I continue to use myself,
and with my clients,

Communication can be pure medicine,
when you have a soul who sees you
hears you holds you in the highest light of where you are at, and listens with love,
this is some of the most powerful medicine out there …

I took even more of my power back 10 years ago, when I decided NO more vaccinations, no more allowing others to inject me with toxic deadly aborted fetal cells, cancer, heavy metals and more shit!!

I decided to take FULL responsibility for my body health mind and soul!🔥 … because if I didn’t, who would, we are required to remember our supreme SELF,

We are born powerful, with everything we need, and it’s our responsibility to take ownership for everything that happens to us,

no more fucking around Sister, and getting on with it! this statement has never be so potent than right NOW,

can you feel this?

We all get to take back our power, and
remember our sovereignty, it’s a choice and process, we can all embody!

What do you choose today?

Love & Light

Rise Sister!

Arianna xx

PS. The Sovereign Body Sisterhood is ready, Are You Ready Sister?
If you are feeling called to rise into your power, awaken your body, speak your truth, and embody your true self,
private message me ‘Sovereign’ and I’ll be in touch with the details to apply.

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