I wasn’t meant to feel that shit, exhausted foggy heavy confused stressed, truth was revealed to me after seeing how I had gone so against me, that I had put myself in a situation that showed me what I had been running from, I had gone so against my truth, to prove to myself I can do it, the punishment on myself, even when deep in my soul, it was a no, I went against myself so many times I lost count, until, there it was, the lesson I needed to wake the fuck up to – what was really going on in my life in my body, I saw it all so clear, I had forgotten to love myself, I had forgotten how to, what it even meant to self-love, I thought that was having a hot bath with roses and frankincense essential oil, and sure, that’s so yummy and beautiful, but self-love was shown to me on a whole other level, a level of remembering who I REALLY was in that moment, remembering I get to live my bliss I get to create my life I get to live my way, unbound from rules of the ego, not a way laid out my a fake system of control, I had to breath back my spirit into me, my energy my life force, I had to detox over 30 parasites from my gut that where feeding off my energy blocking me from my clarity calm body confidence, I had to get the mucus out that was causing major hormonal emotional mood reaction fight and flight adrenal imbalance, I had look at what I was eating and what toxicity was in my body cell deep from decades, all the toxicity just sitting in my body, gone nowhere but making me feel so disconnected from who I really am, and so the journey of cellular detox and regeneration began 4 years ago, I took back my energy my life my soul, said fuck off to anything that was messing with my frequency, and walked the path of coming home to truly embodying self-love and living truly alive and healthy and at peace in my precious body sexual sensual body temple🌹

What has your journey been with self-love Beauty? 

love you❤️


aka Health Goddess

Award-Winning Women’s Health Specialist.

PS. yes I have a crystal down my cleavage, quite often, it’s self-love, taking care of me, working with the elements to protect heal elevate my frequency💋