… this gives many answers to the action you must take for true alive health & longevity

Have you…
– been vaccinated
– taken or taking medication
– had breast implants
– taken synthetic supplements (vitamins & minerals made in a lab)
– recreational drugs
– alcohol
– fried food
– dairy meat fish eggs
– soda
– processed foods
– city life
– watch TV
– read the newspaper
– drink tap water & plastic bottle water
– Eat non-organic food

I onced answered yes to nearly all of these,
how about you?
…and why I have created an alkalizing lifestyle where detox is naturally woven into my daily
health foundation to maintain my freedom and sovereignty in this body and be in control of my
feelings, emotions and health!
consistency has been key, cleaning the cellular body has been absolutely essential for me and
my clients to get to where we have with our health and sustain and stabilise it.
To freedom♥