1. Most of it lives in your gut 

2. It’s your connection to source 

3. It’s the path to living truly embodied health alive and free

the …

* vaccinations 

* Medications

* radiation 

all impair your immune function big time.

firstly, vaccinations …

💉it’s a poison to the immune system 

💉it does not protect anyone from anything

💉it’s absolute bullshit nonsense 

why, vaccinations are filled with highly toxic chemical aborted fetus ingredients, avoid them all, and if like me you had a childhood full of them, then it’s time to detox at a cellular level and reclaim full sovereignty of your body

secondly, medications …

💊like vaccinations, it’s an agenda to poison and keep people sick 

💊it’s a mask, you think you’re getting better, then it all gets worse

💊they don’t heal, they destory the gut, they degenerate the body, it’s no solution for health

why, again, medication are a mix of manmade chemicals, highly toxic, NOT meant for the human body, set to trick you, it totally throws off all harmony, imbalance is installed, which leads to further pain suffering illness and dis-ease, this CAN be reversed with cellular detox a path of regeneration freedom 

thirdly, radiation …

📱It’s being blasted out 24/7

📱It’s causing huge depletion of the immune system and gut/brain axis function on mental emotional physical spiritual health 

📱You’re surrounded by it, are you protecting yourself?

why, radiation is a mutant frequency set that is dangerously harmful to the human body especially the microbiome/the immune system, we must protect our body, it’s our sacred temple, the vehicle of living your BEST life

your body is everything, don’t ignore what it’s showing you … you have the power to make positive liberating change of freedom Now

The Solution …

🌈cellular detox & regeneration 

🌈eating more alkaline foods

🌈using radiation protection, (I love my bioshield plasma protector; due to its incredible results, there was interference, it was said to be a scam, center self to know the truth) also medicinal mushrooms dates spirulina and various sacred herbs for the glandular system, all amazing protectors 

🌈turn fear into fearlessness, there is nothing to fear, you own your body, so own it and say NO when you feel in your gut that truth, No matter what.

🌈Embodiment, which means clean the gut reactivate the immune system and reset your hormones, bring alignment to your body mind spirit 

🌈Say NO to poison

🌈Say YES to true health and do whatever it takes to embody it, there’s no ifs buts excuses anymore, you’re either WILLING, or not, it’s your precious life Beautiful

What are YOU ready for? 

love you❤️


aka Health Goddess

Award-winning Women’s Health Specialist.