WHAT’S YOUR 💩 SAYING? your weight-loss & whole health depends on it …

COLON: epically important organ to heal support and master

I was a constipated kid, very nervous stressed, I would sit for what felt like hours trying to go for a poo

I was holding onto so much, my body so tense, so many emotions live along the intestines/colon

Your colon impacts your entire body, mind, thoughts, behavior, actions, gut brain axis, impacts neurological pathways hormones and weight 

Your colon can hold pounds and pounds of old fecal matter, for decades, UNLESS you physical clear it out, but you have no idea cause you can’t see it, 

…BUT you do, because you can feel it through brain fog depression anxiety overwhelm excess weight stress exhaustion body pain PMS 

You wouldn’t leave your kitchen sink blocked up for decades, so why your colon? same with keeping your house clean, why your external home, and not your internal body-home true-home? 

we’ve been so pulled out of this body, away from the core the heart of the matter —- a clean body

I hear you thinking, but I go to the toilet, whether you go 2/3 x a day, which is optimal, or 2 x a week, you will still have very old poop rotting inside you (I know it’s gross, but critical if you are to live well and be the best you!)

…and just to add, if you go anything less than 2 x daily, the body is telling you IT’S TIME to get shit shifting, really, priority!

all the colon healing I did for myself has been life changing, it cleared the way within so without, a clean clear healthy colon, is a clean mind – clear energy – healthy vibrant you 

when this level of physical healing is done on the body, LIBERATION anchors 


the cleaning of your organs of your body is the greatest gateway to feeling the peace freedom within and getting the lasting weight-loss

I wanted all this too, and now I live it daily, if one woman can do it, so can many more

purify cleanse detox alkalize 

heal regenerate rejuvenate❤️

plants enemas herbs fasting

transition foundation pHbody🌱

Ready for ease?

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