This beauty is my sistAr, she was on thyroid medication for over 15 years, she suffered for years with brain fog memory loss anxiety exhaustion digestive upset depression lack of confidence chest pain, feeling closed to life and stuck in old habits …

She was told over and over to keep getting her thyroid panels checked and to up her thyroid medication dose, she was told she would die if she came off it, she saw no results just degeneration and depletion of her physical emotional and mental health, 

her life force!

Then after years of seeking through doctors, endocrinologists, nutritionists and functional medicine doctors, and getting nowhere, just put on fad diets, tons of synthetic supplements, more medication and not given any support or understanding, Alex asked me for help. 

She’s now been off her medication for nearly 2 years, hasn’t been to the doctors for 2 years, no testing, no waste on synthetic supplements that do not work, freedom, she lives knowing she has the tools to support and nourish herself, to make herself happy from within, and live in the best health ever

We worked with evolved plant nutrition and cellular detox, kundalini and breathwork, clearing mucus parasites heavy metals acid waste, old emotions habits and cycles, healing the liver lymphatic system kidneys gut endocrine glands and rebalancing her entire system to harmony with life 

when you go beyond the status quo of limitation, you enter a world of endless possibility, this is where we go here at The Body Awakening🌸

Blessings Beauties❤️