To now be living in the best health of my life, vibrant confident centered embodied happy in my heart
living from my heart
a deep sense of belonging in my body
something I dreamt of feeling for so long, all of this was a dream,
and now I’m living it

I was stuck for 15 years, trapped inside my body it felt like, no where to go
that’s over!
we all get to choose our reality,

I am a mirror to show you
what’s possible for you,
right back at you sister’s and brother’s
we are all here to feel our best
it’s not just for a few
it’s for us all!

Along my healing journey many people told me to stop detoxing so much,
that I needed more protein,
am I getting enough nutrients,
I need more good fats …

If I had listened
I would still be sick
unhappy unhealthy and disconnected, searching for my true self
under all the toxicity

an epic journey of
years of studying
years of being my own experiment
years of research
years of questioning the status quo round health
years of going deeper and deeper

Nearly everything I thought I knew about health nutrition detox the human body
I found out
not to be true
I let go of 95% of everything I knew
and pressed the reset button
the best decision of my life

I let go and returned to the source
surrendering into the arms of nature
onto natures operating table

we don’t know
what we don’t know
stay open
and all is possible

YES, true health was revealed,
the clarity the presence the freedom
the desire for healthy clean plant foods
the happiness the love in my heart
the deeper connection to my true self
a real belonging in my body and life
was awakened

we have all been born to thrive in our body not suffer, suffering is the gift to awakening more of us-into the light 

I’ve healed what many would say is incurable, all naturally,
through natures truth
plants fasting herbs movement sound coming home to the heart
respecting the earth I walk upon
healing myself
to help others
like you

I questioned what real health was
over and over and over,
and every time
more was shown to me

Now I’m living the best health of my life,
I feel incredible,
and so can you!

💖Love for yourself
(where it all begins!)

It all starts inside you
starting today
you get to choose…

When I affirmed and decided at the
self-realization fellowship London 2017
“I was willing to change”
that ended a cycle
and everything changed
change is safe
change is soooo good
change makes anything is possible!

What is your body vision? when you have a clear vision, you’re part way there already! Comment below with 3 words that describe the body vision you’re calling in👇🏼😘


Arianna x

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