this morning I went for a morning bathe in sacred spring waters 2 minutes from home in Ubud, Bali, morning purification

I feel so blessed for this life, the magic you get to experience and receive when you say a resounding YES to yourself … it’s FREEDOM! 

I picked a flower off the ground and gently throw her into the flowing waters

I use to try fight push so hard, and the flower in the water was a reminder this morning 

let go, let flow, flow like the river, be-come like water, the true feminine, stop resisting what you so desire, allow it in, lean into it more, say yes to life, even more, you are life

where do you need to lean into life more?

I watched her get caught into little whirlpools, then gracefully move forward, she was then faced with waters coming in all directions (just like distractions in life – but she didn’t let it pull her off course, she stayed focused, committed to her journey …)

this sacred Bali flower then got taken quickly down a rapid, like a quantum leap an acceleration, she came out with a wonky petal, upside down, but this didn’t stop her

I could see/feel the strength she had gained in the rocky patches,

…it’s an invitation into becoming more YOU!

authentic real, no masks, radiating your light of love peace beauty freedom…

do you resist, so the pain weight exhaustion medicating frustration persists? 

Or, do you see your journey like that of the flower, facing it all, fearlessly moving forward no matter what the challenges, not getting distracted, gaining strength, getting the weight loss confidence lightness of being you want?

after that rapid, I saw miss flower simply cruise along, no resistance or spinning in circles, she had seen what she was made of, what she was capable of…



that sacred feminine flower is you dear, you are UNSTOPPABLE, there is nothing you can’t overcome, but what you resist will persist, so you get to choose to go where most don’t cause of fear and the past, 

Or, embrace the journey forward, accepting to align, knowing it is the yes to YOU, what is INSIDE you, that is the BREAKTHROUGH…

Be brave.