5G has already arrived for many worldwide, and coming for many more,

It is scary, and yes

It is extremely harmful and damaging to the human body, and it requires all of us to no longer take this body for granted in ANYWAY.

This is real, it is not conspiracy, and it is not safe, this is our 3D world, 3D thinking 3D focusing 3D mind, it’s another system of control, the world as we know it is ending, so 3D can still control us, they create this monstrosity, AND we have to find a way to deal with it, In a REAL TRUE HUMAN-SOUL way! 

Beyond the cancer, many multiply peer reviewed studies have shown that this type of radiation can also cause;




Changes to cell development 

Affects the nervous system 

Low energy

Organ damage


Affects the endocrine glands



Bone marrow damage 


Incapacitation and death 

On a DNA level, it’s not good either, it also impacts our microbiome, and this is who we are at our core, a direct axis gut to brain, interfering with our connection to source, our thyroid is our most negatively charge gland so lots of thyroid support is vital right now, 

With a huge increase in free radical damage, so yes this is something we must be aware of, but it is not something we have to fear, because together we are stronger, we are the LIGHT.

Let’s remember staying in a fear vibration is one of the things that lowers our immune system even further, I am not saying don’t feel fear, because we need to feel it – to heal it, and move through it, but fear affects our entire organism. Fear zaps our mental power and strength. 

I will give you specific ways to protect yourself at different levels, but first consider this;

The world we live in is always focused on fear, destruction, crises, drama, if you ever watch the news you will know this (I stopped watching the news many years ago, as I saw the agenda lies and programming!) Even if you don’t follow the news, you will know when your safety and control are challenged, fear dread and worry surfaces.

As humans we tend to go straight into our brain, solutions, knowledge, all absolutely essentially right now, BUT, also an absolute must right now is our vibrational state, our frequency is everything.

we are electrical beings, and why 5G Radiation can and will affect our entire organism if we don’t make real shifts around our nutrition health and wellbeing.

Let’s talk 5D, in this state you are way stronger than any 5G, when you allow your cells which create this body and genes to reset and regenerate to a vibration of love, the body is so much stronger, and why environment, who you surround yourself with and what you feed yourself on all levels is crucial. 

The world as we knew it is crumbling, coming to an end, it’s all collapsing, and this is what we’ve all been waiting for. 

THIS IS what is required for us all to release our old wounds. 

The codependency, shame, judgement, greed, guilt and blame. 

We are programmed to believe we need to look outside ourselves, as we strengthen our own internal GPS-our intuition, we will be guided to exactly where we need to be, and what information we need right now, but we have to strength our system first to align with truth.

5G has already been banned in a few countries due to its extremely harmful impact on our health, yet it is still popping up across our globe, and we need to be aware, not ignorant. 

Children absorb radiation way quicker than adults, so our children’s protection is paramount, especially the nervous system and detox pathways, kids and adults. 

Let’s now talk about how you can protect yourself on lots of levels, but before this, I want you to connect inward, to the power YOU hold right now, to be empowered to take control of your health.

To shield yourself from the fear and propaganda everywhere. 

Of course coronavirus and 5G are connected, entangled, it all is. 
Let’s come from a 5D perspective, where nothing can harm us, if we tend to our vibrational state daily, if we make our vibration most important, and do whatever we need to do to make sure it is at its highest every day, all is well.

Why are we all wanting to be in nature right now … what if nature was ALWAYS the HEALER? …being in nature dissolves this radiation, choosing a natural environment has never been so important, we are not meant for cities, they suffocate our soul and disconnect us.

I know this is a lot to take in, and maybe you’re saying “well I can’t move or make radical change”, I hear you, but wait, CAN we? 

How far are you willing to go to feel that balance and peace return?

How far are you willing to go for your health and quality of life?

How much are you willing to change to create a better planet earth for all?

Our future health depends on the action we take NOW.

Our environment inside and out, what we eat, where we live, what we feel think believe act and give our energy too …

We all know this, but how many are living by it? always such an important message.

So, what can we do right now? What are the most important topics to keep on top of?

Being educated is ALWAYS number one, educated by truth pure honest real resources, then take action. 

Here are a few steps to reduce 5G impact on your health and life⏬

Do your research. Get informed. I started looking into radiation protection years ago, when I new how essential it was for thyroid hormone and whole body health and healing. 

Right now it also means a shift in consciousness, we are receiving a higher frequency on our planet and this means our bodies need to be in a place to receive this, clean and clear. 

Love frequency, heart connection, back to soul, bringing us into our bodies and out of our busy chaotic stressed minds.

What is currently being birthed on our planet holds potential for so much NEW greatness expansion healing and abundance❤️for all.

Some steps for you:

Black tourmaline crystal amazing Aura protector

Crystals are amazing right now

Variety of Incense sticks holy basil sandalwood arruda are my favs

Palo santo

Green plants that clear the EMF from atmosphere  

Florida & rose water

Grounding products 

Turn off all devices at night 

Have mobile on flight mode as much as possible during day 

Use a mobile shield to protect from EMF

Turn phone on 3G for as long as you can, then 4G, avoiding switching onto 5G for as long as possible!!

NEVER put phone to head use headphones 

Daily wellbeing rituals:

Walking barefoot in nature

Singing/chanting to open the throat chakra where we alchemise, release and heal

Lying on the ground

Meditation to raise the vibration higher 

Daily spend time with the trees (I hug talk and kiss them)

Eating plenty of raw daily 

Eating whole plant foods

Boosting anti-oxidants

Daily breathing exercises

Daily grounding exercises

Daily mindset

Movement you love 

Believe in yourself

Reduce time on devices 

Supplemental support:

Consider high quality green powders 

Focus on herbs that support your nervous system endocrine glands liver and kidneys 

Organic herbal teas to support gut kidneys liver hormones brain 

Keep to foods high in antioxidants fruits veggies especially berries for nervous system 

Detox heavy metals and mold from cells


Consider going AT least 70% raw +++

Intentional Grounding daily 

Consider moving closer, or into nature

Connect to joy laughter nature love everyday 

Simplify devices, Simplify life 

Be in the here and now, presence is everything, always! 

Focus on the good in your life

Heal the stress

FEEL the love in your heart and every cell of your being daily
Again, I know this may seem like a lot, but you get to be the empowered one.

As more and more of us are awakening, waking up from the long dreamspell, breathing deeper, questioning, tuning in deeper, feeling more, connecting to source, nature, the cosmic energy, LOVE, raising into higher states of consciousness

You now hear 5G ‘High frequency’, but this is in the spectrum of a microwave radiation that distorts, destroys and kills our organism, radiation technology used in world wars. 

Altering us on a deep cellular level, scary yes, but we can take control of our own frequency, and why we hold the power!

As we expand our consciousness we go to a higher frequency of light, awareness – which is where we get to live and thrive and Be Empowered in this body!💝

Are potential from this state is limitless!

So the focus on what we can do right now, what we can control right now, is more crucial than ever, and the rest, let it go and stay centred in knowing we are the force of creation, pure light beings of limitless potential, creators of our own reality …ALWAYS.

Focus on that which you want to create experience in this body and life, 

LOVE is everything. 

HEALTH is top.

And that is how we take control of our health life and ride this beautiful wave called #thegreatawakening #toournewearth

Are you with me? 

Arianna x 

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert – www.ariannaaunon.com/start-here

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