Do you always believe everything you hear?
I bet you say No.
So. I ask, Why do you still believe you need meat fish eggs dairy litres of water and fake supplements to survive?
I took this all as gospel too,
until I decided to test the status quo and go beyond where most go in this body!
I saw how the educational system had lied, and why it always felt off, like an unhuh (any other sacral authority beings out there?)
So the investigator in me, lead me on a journey to unravelling so much that tested the so called ‘nutritional facts’ and ‘meaning of health’👙
…it’s not high protein or high fat or lots of water or a balanced plate, or fermented foods or protein shakes or fake powders that fill the place of REAL whole pachamama plant food🌿
I let go of my ego, and let go into the void of what if … what if … bliss really is truth …
what if ecstasy ecstatic freedom and joy in this body is REAL👸🏻
I let science disappear out the window of my current reality, I anchored in limitless possibility in this body, and I journeyed into this body temple of liberation🌈
under all the food acid mucus parasites plaque stones this body holds on too unless you do the ‘physical’ healing to get it out
I remembered my true-self
I remembered joy
I remembered bliss
I remembered paradise in this divine body
I remembered what true health felt like
I remembered my strength and peace
Endless creativity was unlocked inside me…
… I believe when you are willing to test your beliefs, shatter them, let go, decondition,
and reprogram your-self,
rebuilding an alkaline physical foundation of truth in alignment with nature, clearing and resetting the cells …
then this body
Your body
Is a walking portal
To anchor
heaven on earth
Question what you believe about nutrition and detox if you are not living paradise on earth in your body yet? are you? how do you honestly feel inside right now? stop running.
I challenge you to challenge yourself to go where most wont, and it’s there you will find paradise, joy majesty pure happiness peace liberation of the heart!
Royal love & blessings
And remember, Now is the time
to Awaken to your Divine body