this is where I started …

– … no more pain
– … no more lack of energy
– … no more weight fluctuations
– … no more food restrictions
– … no more health worries and frustration
– … no more cravings controlling my life; like sugar pastries crisps chips coffee
– … no more food drama and distractions
– … no more being influenced by others bad habits
– … no more shame around wanting to feel and look my best in my feminine body

How did I set mySelf free?

– I said good bye to the status quo of health misinformation and untruths
– I said yes to walking the path less travelled
– I said yes to satisfying myself
– I said yes to my desires in this body temple
– I said yes to pleasure and play
– I said yes to continuing to practise more and more Self-love & Self-care, daily!
– I said yes to food as my medicine!
– I said yes to properly cleaning clearing and purifying my body
– I said yes to making this my beautiful liberating radiant life, not a one-off, health is life🌷life is health

My biggest mindset shift’s to commit to my life of freedom …

💌My happiness and freedom is my responsibility and I understand that I have to take right action (plant nutrition & cellular detox) to change my reality

I believed and knew in my soul nutrition was the key to body freedom to more purpose passion laughter play love creativity energy authenticity and liberation, sure is!💋

🔥Ultimately, I said yes to myself and did what I needed to do to get the permanent results I envisioned, and I did it. And so can you. Anyone can. Just say yes to you. Listen to your inner guidance nudges and go for it. Stop waiting for the right time. That’s simply here right now.
Begin today. Make one shift.

How can you eat cleaner today?
What needs to stop?
What needs to start?
Who is stopping you from living and embodying your truth of health freedom?

💭some questions to think and feel about.

Arianna ♥️