We need to understand where our body is at within to be able to give it what it needs to shift and heal, and then sustain HEALTH, when I got this, I received the clarity I had been seeking for YEARS! 

two body types; a mucus body type and a uric acid body type, for those of us that lose weight more easily say during a detox, we hold more uric acid, more chemicals than fat, we often have even more parasites and poor circulation, this was me, then for those of us that carry more weight we hold more mucus, a heaviness, but we both carry both there’s just always more of one

When I started to see clumps of mucus come out in my enemas and two-meter long parasites, I knew this was the way to freedom, as it was fully addressing the ROOT CAUSE, there’s no point trying to bypass the clearing, no healing I did fully grounded within me …UNTIL I cleaned my temple to be able to hold the higher frequencies, I expected to embody optimal health, but my body was full of toxicity, it’s a process, miss the steps and foundation, we just keep spinning! but do it, and you’ll see the freedom Goddess.

Cleansing commitment and consistency will show you a way to the health, confidence, clarity, peace and joy, we all seek, don’t believe me, experience it for yourself. LIVE it. RISE to the call. Say YES to you.


When we clear out from the root, we set a powerful healthy solid certain VITAL foundation to build upon, TO LIVE WITHIN, healthy human terrain means healthy soil, peace on Earth as one heart #unified 

Cellular Detoxification IS A WAY to ABSOLUTE liberation, for ALL, there’s always a way to heal whatever is going on, HEREs cellular certainty. 

You get to BE the empowered woman that can overcome ANYTHING! THIS is the inner strength we hold within our temple, we’re #selflove alchemists, no more shrinking shaming abusing, but fully claiming your feminine light and radiance that is of magic!

KNOW your inner world, so within so without so above so below – What’s going on in there? Parasites, mucus? Sluggish heavy foggy craving? Ready for energised light and clear?

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Love you❤️