Wow! The power of our decisions.
From a very young age I decided that I would be healthy fit youthful, basically I already knew I was an immortal 🥰 old soul

But, this lead me to obsessing over my body my looks exercise beauty, this quest to be perfect on the outside, yet I had forgotten about the inside

So I used food as my main escape to get away from whatever that uncomfortable feeling was, and there were many.
This went on for over 15 years, until, I got to a point, where I couldn’t go on like it any longer, enough was enough, of running away from me
my feelings
my inner world

…So relevant right now…

But then, as I started to peel away the chaos the anxiety the fear the brain fog the weight the food cravings
the dis-ease,

I found something so so beautiful,
I found peace, inside me, from nothing more, than clearing the way within, clearing out the old junk that wasn’t serving me anymore, I found my truth of happiness harmony bliss balance my soul my knowing, I finally met myself,

I met the beauty the health the youthful truth of who we all are at our core, underneath all that conditioning programming dieting trauma pain people pleasing … I found out who I am.

And we all get to decide,

to clear the internal way that leads to health bliss peace happiness, our truth of Freedom in this body,
Or, let the external control us till game over.

What do you decide today?

Universal Love!

Arianna x

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert – www.ariannaaunon.com/start-here

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