Firstly, Are you taking it, or have you taken OCP?

…it damaged my hormones emotions gut health and liver, I had to make it right, by regenerating my cellular body, to take back my hormone health power 

do your research, get expert ‘Women’s Health advice’ from someone you can trust (me)

we are not told the truth of what OCP does to this feminine body, again another agenda …

it depletes B vitamins, messes with vitamin D (which is a hormone, not a vitamin) it leads to brain imbalances and major gut issues, causes more imbalances to moon cycles (PMS) and overloads the liver leading to weight gain exhaustion acidity anxiety skin problems 

Firstly, this toxic acidic lie overloads the liver with synthetic hormones that mess with our natural hormones, which stops hormones from functioning optimally, leading to stress and anxiety 

Secondly, just stopping it doesn’t clean your system of its damage, the body needs support attention care cleansing detoxing nourishing balancing regenerating, an alkaline foundation 

Thirdly, I saw so many therapists practitioners alternative stuff, etc. but never got to the root, my happiness health freedom connection joy was put on hold due to a lack of understanding at a cellular level with healing detox and nutrition 

If I had known what I know now, there is nothing more important than the physical health of this body — your physical health determines the purity of your spiritual health, emotional balance mental clarity, and freedom

…everything is birthed through your body, your health your business your relationships, it’s all a reflection of what’s going on within 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms I have discussed, as a woman who learned the hard way, I advise you not to ignore it, your body knows, take action on your Happiness today

Anything that impacts the liver, will impact weight energy clarity inner peace self-respect growth until it’s addressed with nature’s food medicine and balance restores within at a cell-soul-level 

mucho love!

Arianna Health Goddess❤️

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