This is it ladies!!

…and exactly why so many women are struggling with menopause, thyroid issues, weight gain, sluggishness, dull skin, dry hair, body pain, and food cravings

…and feeling fed up with the way they look and feel in their skin,

…but making it out to be Ok, to be normal.

It’s deep rooted this energy of battling with our body,

When we just need to get to the CORE!

None of this is your fault, we’ve just been feed a whole lot of BS about our body, food, how we should- and shouldn’t look and feel, and it’s fucked with our hormones and the way our body heals,

“You’re fine”

“You’re blood tests are normal”

“Just get more sleep”

“Eat more protein”

“You look fine”

“You’ll be fine”

ALL of this right!!!

When you feel like absolute shit,

You know you’re not fine, Its about way more than-just more sleep

Protein is one of the things destroying our hormones – you definitely don’t need more

You know how you feel inside and you feel awful and are sick of everyone say it’s just normal it’s your age it’s menopause It’s normal you’ll be fine!!

Its NOT fucking normal — normal is to feel energised, alive, clear, pain-free, aligned and comfortable in your body!!

This is why I do things very different when it comes to my health and my clients health, and why my clients are getting phenomenal results in only 7 days with the process I support them through, and why and how I healed myself from 5 chronic diseases – all hormonal related!

You can watch more about the work I do here and read some awesome testimonials –

No I’m not going through my menopause yet, but I feel blessed to know exactly what I need to do when the natural transition comes,

I have supported many women in having a peaceful menopause- yes I’ve had thyroid disease -and cure it naturally, yes I’ve had weight gain- and lost 20lbs- and now in total control of my weight, yes I’ve been exhausted, unmotivated, lacking confidence- this has all be healed too- this is not just for a few of us,

But possible for all of us!

EVERYTHING starts inside us.

It’s a journey of analysing your exact body needs, cleansing, eating vibrant food, and tweaking your lifestyle.

Simple, embodied, and deeply nourishing.

We think we should be doing what everyone else is doing, but is this getting results, Unlikely!

Because most aren’t going to the ROOT of your hormonal imbalances, the root of your pain and struggles,

Without finding the root of your health imbalances, NOTHING HEALS AND why going straight to your root cause is the ONLY way to reset your hormones for good, get your glow back, lose the excess 5-20lbs easily, and feel energised in your body!

We’ve been fed SO many lies about nutrition,

you need plenty of animal protein

you need lots of good fats

you need vitamin D supplementation

you need fish oils you need a good bit of fat on you to be healthy (deep rooted belief)

You need to ignore your feelings

You need to hide your emotions

you need to exercise full-on daily

YOU need to go to your doctor … THIS ALL = hormonal problems!!

All of this is totally disconnected from what is actually needed for you to feel your best.

When your Body is presenting with weight gain, lack of energy, dull skin, hair loss, brain fog, sluggishness, feeling totally OFF … Your body is asking for connection, for you to come back to you, to drop what the system is sucking you into,

And know you are worthy

Giving yourself permission to focus on you and only you

This is the journey!

We’re always searching outside ourselves for validation, what a test says, doctors, others…

When it’s ALL about what – DO YOU WANT



It’s all about YOU, no one else.

Don’t put your health on hold because another says you’re fine, wait a few month let’s see what happens-maybe you’ll get better -denial- I’ve been there – don’t wait!!

Stop the excuses… And give yourself permission to heal.



And remember, Now is the time

to Awaken to your Divine body

Arianna X

PS. Ready to embody your feminine birthright of vibrant confident aligned glowing energised health? Ready to be supported by a courageous woman doing it differently, who’s heres to show you the liberation YOU are here to feel in your body? 

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