but will it work for me? I remember myself asking this question so often, if not out loud in my head, analyzing it all and really wondering if anything will ever really work and reset my body

What did I do, I kept on believing I would find what would work for me, I would find the truth for me, and I did,
so never stop believing in your vision,

I here this question often, so many women that come to me have tried so much, and have often been trying for years,

Will I ever lose this weight? what I’m missing?

Ok, so I want you to know this is not a mystery, it’s just the way you’ve been previously guided has been back to front, let me explain.

You here the buzz word metabolism,
Ok so let’s break this down to what this word really stands for,

Your metabolism, what’s going on with it ? the metabolism is controlled by your thyroid, and every cell in your body depends on the thyroid to manage the metabolism, and the pituitary and hypothalamus control the thyroid.

So if you have weight imbalances it usually indicates a weak thyroid, this does not mean – you need medication, it means you need to support your adrenals which will get your elimination pathways moving, which will start the healing process –

the running of the metabolism varies for everyone, you are unique,
your metabolism is the chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells,
and why you hear me bang on about cellular health cellular healing cellular detoxification SO much,

it’s ESSENTIAL to heal the body

it’s here you heal your thyroid, rebalance your metabolism and nourish nurture and support the living state of each of your 100 trillion cells that make up you and make up your life – inside and out

Each cell runs of carbon which comes from simple sugars (fresh fruit), hence why you often want a sweet after a main meal, because the body is missing it’s VITAL life building block – carbon, and why you feel so satisfied after some sweet mango or berries.

this cellular connection is such a game changer for healing the body completely, throughout all layers physically mentally emotionally spiritually and energetically,

If you’ve already spent months years even decades on the diet wheel, and you’ve had some results, awesome!!
but still you’re not where you want to be, if you’re really honest with yourself,

it’s time for cellular healing cellular detox The Cellular Shift,

Everyone goes on about foods for your metabolism, in some respect yes of course foods play a massive part here,
but what’s being missed and why you’re still not getting the results you dream and vision on,
is because the toxins are still laying thick at a cellular level, and no regular diet will EVER remove this

I did the food in supplements in exercise in superfoods in and definitely saw some shifts, but realized most of it was suppression,

What I missed for years, as no one was talking about, and what I’m pretty sure you’re missing too,
is this piece around having to remove not add …
It’s about the Elimination
It’s about the Cleansing
It’s about the Removal
…of the mucus parasites fungus acidic build-up in your tissues that’s causing degeneration, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, body pain, sluggishness, brain fog, emotional ups and downs, cravings

Your metabolism links to weight gain thyroid hormones and cravings, because all of that is supported and dependent on the health of your cells,

Your adrenals are essential for health,
they switch on your kidneys and your kidneys switch on your lymphatic system,
this all has to be functioning to RE-set the body weight hormones and metabolism,
and from here you switch on
Life-Long Anti-aging from within

It’s all about the living state of your cells, from here you heal your entire body.