and accept yourself
for desiring to have this


You are not broken
You don’t need fixing

I spent nearly half my life thinking feeling totally broken
and “how will I ever fix myself”

I went onto realise that I was giving away my precious power to the thoughts and feelings, of well deep down at my core,
not feeling enough,
but also feeling to much,

Feeling not enough because I didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to and felt like a fake, and why am I kidding myself,
whilst contradicting myself
KNOWING I was here to look and feel
hot as fuck!

And feeling to much for desiring to have a body I felt sexy beautiful feminine and free in,

I feared my body and its potential for magnificence for years,
even though I wanted a fit and vibrant body,
I feared the attention it would attract and what others would think of me if I looked a certain way and showed up fully as me, unapologetically in my truth

I’ve always been ultra positive, bubbly, wild and playful, I know this part of me triggers a lot of people,
honestly I’ve never got the skeptics, naysayers, pessimists, it’s just not where I vibe,
I definitely experienced a huge amount of darkness and pain in my life- eating disorders, depression, anxiety, burnout, but I moved through it, I didn’t allow it to consume me, or stop me or slow me down, I always knew there was a way to body paradise

It’s ok for her,
Miss skinny mini, care free, easy travelling the world with no kids (I know some think about me)

Just to note – I didn’t just get here, I worked my butt off and made myself unavailable for anything less than I dreamt of for myself, body life vision, and I’m still adjusting myself, there’s WAY more to come!!

We can all have what we desire, body life feelings, and what transformed my life, is surrounding myself with those who where inspiring, living a life that inspired me, connecting with those at a higher frequency, to lift me up and up and up, this holds so much value and liberation,

as a young girl I craved attention, I hated my small breasts, I longed for the connection with guys that other girls had, I felt like a total weirdo and a black sheep, so anxious but on the outside calm, and I thought what was wrong with me,

All these suppressed unspoken emotions and feelings lead to hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, weight fluctuations, chronic parasite infections, hair loss, adrenal burnout, emotional eating and food cravings and a lot of stimulants to push things down even more,

I realised, I was different, why do I have to conform, I believe I can have it all, I believe I can have the amazing body, have vibrant energy, as a girl I day dreamed about running my own business and being my own boss, luxury this and that and beautiful villas in the sunshine, travelling the world and being seen and heard for my genius, and leaving the world a better place,

Some of this I’m already living and the rest is landing, but it’s DONE, I am certain about this,

You have to connect to that certainty around what you desire to call into your life (just putting it on a vision board or doing a full moon ritual wont call it)
it’s an energy thing,
it’s an upgrade in your mindset that will make the shift,
owning it,
being certain about it and honouring your body desires

Your body desires and dreams are DONE

All you have to do is own it

here aligned action will activate

honour this frequency

a full body Upgrade is upon you…

And done,

you’re living in the body that feels like pure joy and bliss


Why do you keep holding yourself back?

What stories keep playing out?

Rewrite that story and own it today.

Feel the support the nourishment
of honouring what is yours to have!

Even though I went through hell with my own body and image, I never for one moment thought that this is it for me,
no way,
and I hope you don’t too,

Anything is possible.
It’s all about the frequency you bring to the table.
You can settle
or you can trust there’s so much more.
It’s limitless.

the weight loss
the aligned energy
the vibrancy
the fitness
the health
the dream Body

YOU are so safe to
think about it
want it
have to have it
want stop till you get it

You deserve every bit of it

Elevate your expectation…you elevate your belief…

Why do your need a fit healthy body?
Why do you want to lose the excess weight, feel and look vibrant and feel liberated in your body?
Where am I being guided to come home too, who is she, what does she feel, what actions does she take?

Bringing your dream Body into reality is not just about the food you eat, it takes aligning your energy and emotional body too

It’s your

Embody your
right here
in this
and feel how good that feels to
feel whole
you’re not broken
you don’t need fixing
From here things can work again

Remember who you
What you are capable of
No symptom
No dis-ease
No label of illness
No medication
Can take the power anyway
you have at your core

Reconnect to your sacredness

Now you are safe
Now you are supported
Now you are nourished

It’s about what your body needs now to heal and recalibrate itself back to a vibrant pure place of joy inside and out,

So what do you choose today?

Ari X
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