It’s your God given birthright to FEEL bloody fabulous in your body darling … stop settling!

I stood taking photo after photo of myself, watching my ego, telling me my boobs are too small, my thighs are not toned enough, you have cellulite…

There would have been a time in my life that would have taken me down, I would have then gone and emotionally ate, probably drank wine that evening, eaten sugar to fill me up with fake love, called myself many horrible names, to ran from facing it

But things have changed, that ego mind will always be there, but I’ve learnt to tame it and to still look at myself with absolute self-devotion self-love self-respect acceptance and appreciation, because I know who I really am, I know the ego is a lie and I know my truth

Yes when I was carrying an excess of 35lbs, fatigued, had no self-control was totally stressed eating sugar and drinking caffeine daily, I felt awful, constantly seeking the perfect body 

…let’s remember, perfect comes in many different forms, we can look to nature to this truth, it’s all God… 

It’s about you, you do it for you, when I found my centre my presence my feminine acceptance, trust in myself, this body temple become a joy a play house a fun ride to be true in and embrace, to breath life in and live life through this temple 

Sure she needs to be cleaned gently de-toxed cleansed purified to feel truly well, those toxins made me believe I was someone I wasn’t for decades – stressed anxious unworthy fat disgusting out of control, 

…cause until I got all that crap out of my body that had been building up of years, trying to experience freedom self-love true self-acceptance was hard work, but clear the way, heal and cleanse the liver, get the kidneys filtering, clear out the gut, get the nutrition foundation set = Ease = FREEEEEDOM = Inner Peace 

…the inner peace bliss balance boundless energy happy fit body came when I went cellular with my nutrition approach, cleared out all those imprints toxins memories attachments traumas, and chose to press RESET on my body life vision…to be my best self 

What would it mean to you to look in that mirror and really truly see yourself, see your glow, feel your inner beauty, confidence and self-worth, and honestly enjoy your body?

I had to clean my body, to remember what this temple was really about, I had to do the inner work to catch my emotions,,wounds traumas pain to clear it, I had to choose self-love, I had to remember what I wanted

I had to decide to put love in front of fear and go conquer my vision of feeling home in me so to met my true Self alive free flowing creative, living life on my terms and creating a life I LOVE in alignment with me my heart my soul my truth 

What would be different if you were really living life on your terms? does something need to change?

Love & sexy summer vibes!🌞👙🌞

Arianna xx

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