You CAN heal it all through food medicine.


with so much crap put into the water and food supply, and the medical system handing out poison, and radiation basting our planet – all acid 🍞🧀🥐🥩🍣☕️🥓🍪

the CALL to alkalize this body 🥗🥑🫐🍍🍌🍊🥥🍠🥬is everything right now

acid = dis-ease

leading to acidosis

kidney’s get overloaded with acid

they can’t filter waste

that waste builds up in your body

causing exhaustion stress anxiety 

cravings for caffeine salt sugar (fake energy)

huge pressure is put on your entire body

as the adrenals that sit on top of your kidneys 

connect to every organ in your body via the autonomic nervous system 

adding in stimulant toxins feeds false energy that leads to hormone imbalance PMS skin issues suppressed emotions frustration overwhelm weight gain liver toxicity and depression 

when we alkalize the body with whole plant foods that work specifically on clearing acid out, and rebalancing your body the gut your hormones back into harmony,

Result, you will feel so amazing, 

light clear balanced at peace in your body 

alkaline = HEALTH 

alkalize at a cellular level, 

experience true health!

Set your Spirit self free to live your truth🌈

We start Purify TO Liberate Monday, 10 days to totally reset you body mind soul, shift excess weight, heal your skin, balance your hormones, eliminate the stress and overwhelm, get clear focused aligned and feel incredible in your feminine body! 




🌈eating delicious foods

🌈movement to uplift & embody 

🌈love & guidance 

🌈truth on your health 

🌈a solution anchored in truth 

🌈BODY FREEDOM Beauty!!!🍍👙🫐


Are you ready to feel totally reset clear and alive in your body in just 10 days?

Reach out privately if you are love x

Love you❤️

Arianna aka Health Goddess