Freedom doesn’t come from anything external, it is truly a journey into who we are, and this time of self-isolation is exactly this, we have been given this time to look at ourselves to look at the dark and break open to the light within us, to return to our sovereignty.

I’ve been faced with a shit load of self-sabotaging patterns recently, and wow, it’s been uncomfortable, but I always know deep inside every cell of my being, when I go deep, when I face the darkness, I get to rise even higher
rise above all that low vibration shit
those limitations that are an illusion
that is not who I am at my core
that is not who any of us are at our core.

It takes courage
It takes humility
It take getting real
It takes a humble heart to look at our own shit and stop blaming everyone else, the situation, the time, the world
the blah blah blah

It’s all starts within YOU.

I seeked searched got frustrated trying to find freedom outside myself for decades, drink drugs unhealthy sex with men that didn’t serve my highest
stimulating foods
emotional eating
buying ‘stuff’ to fill the void within,
it ended in entrapment,
but called me higher
to rise,
to a place of inquiry research experimentation deep diving into this human body into myself, yes

Facing …
the sexual trauma
the fear of being all of me
the food addictions
the control
the codependency
the cravings that I gave into again and again and numbed from feeling and healing
the toxicity in my body at cell level

I discovered a remembrance to who I am, my true self, back to that pure innocent time as a child, back to the source the devon fields
the play the joy the rolling about in the grass and having tea parties with the insects in my tree house
the singing
the joy of …
who the f**k cares what anyone thinks of me, shinning like the stars we all are

But the conditioning the schooling the partnering where we all became indoctrinated with others beliefs false light programs and manipulation control fear, then this runs our life, remember,
we all chose this,
we chose this life before we even came here, for the lessons we all need to learn to become the master of our life,

Remembering who we are by learning these lessons,
this is our journey to freedom,
remembering our own unique
our true self
remembering our voice
our heart
our connection
our community
our divine nature of simplicity
back to the earth

I found my freedom from peeling back the layers of toxicity in my body from releasing the toxic food habits cravings addictions toxic relationships
the limiting patterns and beliefs that kept my body sick heavy bloated foggy in pain,
that I clung to for protection, to feel safe,
but only breed further separation from my truth of bliss wellbeing joy and beauty!

What transformed all this….

I let go of all that I thought I knew, and I delved deeper into me
into my cells into the cosmos of life the tapestry of where we come from
the magic and intelligence of natures codes the plant foods
the REAL detox lifestyle
their healing
their grounded
knowing that they hold our wellbeing

I shed my skin over and over like a snake letting go more and more of that ego and coming back to my sacred heart,
my sacred truth of divine health

Health as a Frequency!

I questioned everything around food the physical body health
I cleansed
I cell detoxed
I let people go
I let go of the drama around me
I made space for my freedom to awaken from within, to now get to share this with the world is a blessing,

there is a way for ALL of us to truly tap into our innate freedom to bliss in this physical body,
but it takes courage
it takes doing it differently
it takes not following the sheep,
and being the lion instead,
it takes nature
It’s takes TRUTH.

so many think they’ve done it all, I can guarantee no one has done everything, because if they had they would be thriving euphoric in total bliss, calm clear grounded, living in the paradise of this temple called THE BODY,

not needing food to stimulate
fill a void
numb the feelings
exit out

BUT due to the misinformation mistruths lies of the world of medicine and main stream health, which is full of agenda!! just like CV right now and the vaccines coming in, we are the human experiment.

NO one is stuck with anything, because everything is a choice, and we are the creators our own reality, get empowered get excited about what is possible when we step out of our own way, and live our sacred truth!

I chose over and over again
the knowing there was a way,
a way to experience my divine nature of bliss in this physical body, and so it is,
and so I’m living it now, I got real with my inner world and woke UP

What do you chose today?

because it’s not about any other time then now because right here right now
is everything
we all have.

Let’s wake up to the world inside us, because it’s the world inside us,
thats creating the world outside us!

Rise and remember!

You are free now
if you want to be!

Trust the body.

Did this resonate with you? I would love to hear from you in the comments below


A xx

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