It all starts with soulfood and the mind!

I’ve always been a total foody and I still am, I adore love and feel so much joy from eating well, real soul food,

after years of eating to suppress to not feel my emotions to check-out of life and numb myself, pumping myself full of stimulants to feel pleasure and ending up so sick and out of balance

Food has now become
total euphoric liberation

Real plant-based high frequency eating is here to liberate us all,
it’s the link in the chain
of breaking through the bullshit of
I’m human
I need,
we are soul,
we require soul food,

It’s time to the shift perspective with the label of being human – It’s not the need of the mind we must give so much attention, it’s the need of our soul –
which will heal the body

We are biological hardwired not to suffer, but to live in happiness and health, bliss

When we feed our soul
not our mind and emotions,
we get to awaken the divine bliss
that we are – every single day

Plants are our foundation to return to the euphoric happiness and freedom that we have been given to experience in this body- this gift of life,

but we have to stop
putting the wrong fuel in
and get the waste out
to get there

connection with our food is so important,

we get to receive so much wisdom healing knowledge just from the preparing and being present with our sacred plant food,
done with intention and so much love,

there is always time to stop and Be
immerse yourself in the joy of life and the joy of what a pleasure it is to connect with food creation,

you’re creating your body your vision your reality every time you order cook prepare make create food

by using plant food as
your medicine
or your poison
to heal it all
or create

When I prepare food
I talk with it
I sing to it
I love it,

Plant food is conscious, and why it’s one of our most potent healers,
awareness is our greatest healer,
awakened through a healthy vessel feed consciousness
pure light
here we come back to the light

the more you love them
care for them respect them

the more they will heal reset regenerate rejuvenate your entire body mind and spirt

True aligned plant based eating
attuned to the human body
and mother natures rhythms,
can heal every alignment with ease,

it can be easy
it is easy
when you let it be

Plants unlock everything you’ve been seeking to find, it’s eating drinking communing with the plants –
that shows us who we really are,

search over

You are home💕

Arianna x

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