It’s a fiery full moon and Pluto return energy coming through me, so here goes!!🦁🌕💎

I have turned down my voice on an area of health I feel so passionate about, its taboo and candid, and it needs to be spoken too

of course the voice of truth shakes things up, as its so rare, yet more and more are speaking up on true HEALTH matters of humanity, I LOVE YOU ALL!

What I want to speak to today is the treatment of Hysterectomy, every year 600,000 women in the US are having their sacred wombs removed, unnecessarily

I speak to this topic with the utmost sensitivity and compassion in my heart, as I work with women to avoid this surgery and understand the emotional turmoil of it, you are not alone darling, and surgery is not the way

we have all been lied to over and over when it comes to our health, so called healthcare system, which it is clearly not, because no one is getting healthier, they are either being put on medication, dying, or having body parts taken out

why would we put poisonous medication in an already sick body, adding more toxicity, which is the cause of cysts fibroids endometriosis hormonal imbalance excess weight?

Hysterectomy was given to treat ‘Hysteria’ back in the day, which is bullshit nonsense, what you feel is real, and you are not mad, your body is the voice of truth, you are safe 

our womb dear powerful woman holds our feminine power, not only to give birth, to create in the world, but it’s also the root that grounds us into the Earth, it is our second heart, it has true wise wisdom and knowing the voice of our womb, it is an anchor of peace 

I know you may be skeptical, cynical, but let’s ask this question; Why, if we can heal the womb from cysts fibroids endometriosis naturally with evolved plant-based nutrition, cellular detox and womb trauma healing, which we can, it’s been done over and over, why is this not being advised to all woman in doctors surgeries and hospitals?

It gets darker, but it’s in the dark that you can remember the light of truth, that sets us free to stand in our inner freedom to say NO, and seek out true advise

another profit making system to keep people sick in fear and on medication, because women truly standing in their power are invincible, unstoppable and a superpower on this planet!Claire reached out to me saying she had been told she had stage 4 endometriosis, too severe to reverse, and she would need a hysterectomy, she had already had an ovary removed without her consent

it is YOUR body, no one can tell you what to do, or take parts away from you, I shared with Claire that she could heal this naturally with nutrition cell detox and womb healing

she trusted, and enrolled in a 6 month 1on1 healing program, by just 10 weeks, nearly all here symptoms had gone; from extreme pain PMS flooding bleeds daily painkillers weight gain of 35lbs depression anxiety was all gone

she healed and reversed it, the body healed itself as it was given the environment to do so, it doesn’t have to take long to shift that pain

and then we spent the remaining 4 months grounding the foundation for lifelong true health, with regenerating the body cell deep, absolute freedom and full health embodied 

the most supportive healing safe operating table to put ourselves on is that of natures, of changing what we’re eating, eating 80/20 alkaline to acid foods, detoxing the decades of toxicity stored in the cellular body, especially DDT and trauma’s when it comes to health issues in the womb and with hormones

As a Women’s health specialist, evolved plant-based nutritionist, cellular detox expert and womb healer, I combine all my gifts and the embodied wisdom from healing my own body from severe stress anxiety weight fluctuations hormonal/thyroid imbalance an eating disorder and adrenal dysfunction, and helping many others worldwide, working highly intuitively, and deeply based on a solid foundation of over a decades research on nutrition and detox, and how the human body heals

we can heal it all Beautiful woman, you are not alone, reach out for 1on1 support if you are ready to be guided by me xx 

We cannot ignore the truth any longer, with Pluto return in action, all will be revealed, its time to let the lies of so called healthcare be destroyed, and for the light of true healthcare nature’s way to rise up and set us all free!!!

Stay connected!💞

In love & unity, 

Love you x 

Arianna x