Truth On Food



GARLIC ONION, is it really good for us?

Since giving up garlic and onion I can definitely say my mind is so much calmer and clearer, it totally makes sense why buddhists don’t eat it!!

No garlic and onion makes meditation so much more powerful and deeper I find🙏

In Spain everyone eats SO much of it, I can smell it everywhere, senses are super powered from not eating it 😅

We hear it’s so healing, it’s actually not,
its potent taste and smell, says it all,
it’s not even meant for human consumption, garlic was used in World War II bullets! Enough said🔥

Fruit and dry fasting is the best for any kind of healing💎🍓

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I love understanding plant food not only on a physical and emotional level, but also a spiritual level, seems we are all spiritual beings having this epic experience ere on earth!🌎🙏

The coconut,
we hear so much about coconut oil,
which is the worse form of coconut for our body, and especially for our precious #hormones, #nooilforme

But the magnificent coconut,
they use them a lot in #bali, always wondered, why the coconut so much, this is why,
firstly coconut water is super cleansing for the soul and ofcourse deeply hydrating for our physical body,

when a spiritual mentor cracks the coconut its a metaphorical act of destroying the ego of a person #lovethis,

totally makes sense as to why Bali has such a big open heart love energy anchored in oneness (can’t wait to head back so soon!!😘)

the Hindu
offer it as a humbling yourself to god 🙏
so beautiful 💕

coconut honours the divine within us
and all around us🌿

Just about to dive into creative mode in the kitchen and make a mucus-lean ofcourse coconut vegan curry with millet, not rice
(rice is a whole other post!🍚)

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We are the fruit of the universe🍑🍉🍓

Fruit is connected to the core of the earth and the galactic centre and why it can heal the physical body and spiritual body,

It’s a soul rejuvenation.

which means it anchors the physical body
into its highest vibration of light and love,
as it connects to both planes it peels back the layers that are suppressing our truth of vibrant energy and reveals the power of the heart, the highest frequency.

It brings us home.


I stopped eating rice 1 year ago, I use to love #rice so much, I use to eat it at least 4-5 x week brown rice wild rice Venus black rice, loved it!!
Until I delved deeper into the #grain thing, and found out theres only a few grains that are truly fit for human consumption, unless you want to be clogged up with a lot of mucus – which leads to a whole host of #symptoms and body struggles.
Rice = glue in our intestines, its used to stick books together, and very acidic.
Best grains are quinoa spelt kamut and millet, I eat gluten free grains, occasionally organic spelt pasta.
The freedom from mucus forming foods feels soooooo good, so much joy bliss and good vibes are released, totally #bodyawakening 💕

What food/s are you eliminating to support your health? Comment below 👇🏻💃🏻

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SALT, is it really good for you?

Salt is something I use to use in huge amounts, the best salt ever I would buy.
I discovered over the last 2 years that salt is highly stimulating causing excess mucus production and hyper and hypo activity to our tissue (our precious glands – hormones) which means over time it #degenerates #hormones go haywire and dis-ease sets in (obstruction).
Wow how different I feel!💃🏻

We need sodium from #fruits and #vegetables, not #salt, they are different.

Salt can attract negative energy and store it in the body, its too heavy for our light body.

The #mainstream understanding around #nutrition #health and the human #body is totally out of #alignment.
I feel so blessed to be out of it, and bringing #naturestruth back to humanity.

I don’t have salt at home, if anything I use a drop of coconut aminos, but it’s rare,
I avoid it as much as possible, I will always say to the waiter no added salt, and if zero, even better! 🥓

Never feel like you’re putting someone out by valuing your health and body, say what you want and own it! change doesn’t happen by following the rules, unfollow, and see the freedom unfold in your body and life✌🏻

Of course the body has to go through a cellular healing process to be able to release this addition, and finally the endocrine glands especially the adrenals and all that #adrenalfatigue and #stress can heal #atlast.

Arianna Auñón
Womens Health Thyroid & Cellular Detox Specialist