I realized how my low thyroid exhaustion hormonal imbalances and food addictions where telling me something greater,
it was time to give my body inward attention,

our universe within
so within-so without

I made truth bigger then myself, and here’s how my health changed forever,
no longer was it me me me
I need this to survive get relief
feel good be healthy …

I came back to our planet to our collective to what do we need as a whole …

to turn back to natures ancient medicine,
it’s about the ripple affect we send out as we say yes to our wellbeing, and yes to our planet, which is also saying yes to each others wellbeing,

wellbeing is who you are at your core,
giving each other permission to step up
and shine,

I hold my torch up high,
I stand in the light
the space that feels uncomfortable for others to rise up and be part of the truth,

I was speaking to my dear soul Sistar the other day about the condor and eagle prophecy, peace will reign on earth,
it’s happening … we are all a part of it,
peace starts within us all

don’t let the false health system
eat you up, have your discernment,

to question nature
but trust medication
is ignorance and delusional

all it takes is belief
believe there is a way
health is real
nature is the most real connection ever!
LOVE is real,

and love does not push anyone into a corner of medication or prolonged false suffering,
love heals you through awareness plants herbs dance nature detox connection breathwork —- medication is the biggest lie and illusion out there,
it’s killing hundreds of thousands every year!

I have to raise this,
its time to see through the veil of bullshit once and for all, and believe in the earth the plants the body we live in,
believe we have been given what we need to thrive, medication doesn’t heal us,
and chemicals made by mans ego with agenda is no path to health,

this is no ones fault, truth is hidden from humanity, and it’s time to see what’s really going on

I stand with you,
I honour your courage,
to say yes to the truth
and no longer be silently abused by the pharma industry or disease labeling,

this may be a strong post, but its 100% necessary for our wellbeing,
for humanities freedom happiness peace

I can’t stand my fellow brothers and sisters being tricked lied feed BS about incurable diseases, or medication that will save you!!

Thyroid medication – leads to Alzheimer’s and dementia digestive issues iron and B12 deficiencies, its acidic and toxic!

After seeing so many women close to me struggle with thyroid medication, being told they need it, they must take it, told they’ll go into a coma without it, this is not supporting anyone but instilling more fear,

I’ve seen women come off 15 years+ of medication by using plant foods cellular detox and embodiment processes, they made a decision to not be controlled by a system that has no clue about health!

Going to a doctor or anyone under modern medicine wanting health is like going to a shoe repair shop and asking for a bag of lettuce? It’s not going to happen.

It’s no ones fault, they’re not trained in health or healing, they’re trained in relief and suppression,

Awareness is everything,
and we all get to choose and decide

Do you want the truth?

We can heal anything, medication is toxic to our light bodies, it keeps us sick suppressed confused and stressed out in survival mode,
whilst the medicine of the earth plants fruits herbs sound breath the elements bring re-awakening to our innate state within of health happiness
of thriving of freedom

let’s stand together and say no to pharma!
and say yes to our sacred body temple
Saying yes to the medicine of our Earth!

Do you stand for truth? Comment below with a 💙if you’re with me!

love to you

Arianna x

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