I spent over 10 years letting society’s idea of fake happiness control me,

I rebelled for redemption from within this body

I was living in Cornwall in a relationship with an alcoholic, also drinking most days, feeding myself on anything and everything, Iiving above a chippy

I was overweight depressed anxious craving junk and totally lost in a reality I thought was making me happy

I was sacrificing my health to fit into a relationship and life that was distracting me from my true potential and happiness, and holding me back from being more living more creating more

Until I found the courage inside me to leave that relationship, and then go and repeat it all over again in another relationship, then did I reality check, wtf is going on inside me?

It was time to transmute transcend burn these toxic patterns karmic ties addictions and rise up and remember who the fuck I am

I had to say no more to the lies
I had to start healing my heart
I had to go deep into my nutrition
I had to cleanse my cellular body
I had to learn to love accept and respect my body
I had to start focusing on me, and no longer run from me
I had to face decades of suppressed emotions and traumas … and rise …

I’ve created what I believe is freedom, freedom to stand in my truth, speak my truth, even when it feels scary, to stand up for what I believe in as a guiding light, freedom to choose who I want to be in this body and for those around me, living my life as an example, projecting good clear vibes into the field, and not being a victim to circumstance, freedom to see through all the BS out there

I stand as a powerful unique women
I am in awe of her transform and deep love for all that she is and is becoming, forever in communion with her heart,
a warrior of the light,
in Union we rise.

Feeling your Goddess warrior women is ready to stand powerfully in her truth of confident alive happy and healthy, what’s your MOST powerful truthful step forward love?

I see you.

You’ve got this!