the journey with Trust has played out in my life for so long, and the first place it started was trusting my body.

Society makes us fear
our body our feelings our pain,
that something’s wrong
that we need to medicate it,

Nothing’s wrong,
you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, it’s the body gently telling you that there’s toxins in the body and its asking for some
cleansing detoxing healing,

Healing detoxing cleansing the body
is a natural process we have been bought here to go through,

we wouldn’t sleep in the same bedsheets our entire life,

so why would we not clean the home we live everyday, and take with us everywhere,

trust your feelings
trust your desires
trust your dreams

this is a natural unfolding
to awaken your highest vision,

I always get told “oh Arianna aren’t you detoxing to much” “isn’t to much fruit bad” “when are you going to stop” …

My answers “Detoxing is a natural process of the body and it needs to be supported every single day, our body is always TRYING to detox, to heal us, so you get to feel your best” “fruits are never bad” “stop what? Stop supporting my body and giving her the attention she deserves, never”

All the body desires you have –
are real. are true.
are available to you now.

Everything you desire for your body and health will come from detoxing cellular
from letting go of the internal stress
from rebuilding inside-out
from cellular regeneration,
and time for rejuvenation

The Body Awakening Tulum and Ibiza 2020

It’s Quantum. Cellular. Awakening.
High frequency total body and mind reset.
You will experience the true essence of your soul. Of you. In your happy body. Home in your heart.
The power of you.
The truest you.

Unlimited never ending ever flowing being of light and living your body dreams. THIS.

It’s liberation. Clarity. Energy. Gracefully effortless. Divine in it’s unfolding of revealing your healed physical body at its highest vibe. See all symptoms fade, and your birthright of wellbeing lock in and activate.

If you’re reading this you’re ready.

Sacred plant food medicine & cellular detox immersion with Arianna at
The Body Awakening retreat,

its into the realms of
utopia, love and body magic,
quantum leaps happen here

You’ll arrive as one woman
and leave as the next level version of you!

Applications closing soon.
If you’re here. You are ready! Comment below BODY AWAKENING 💖and I’ll send you the details.

Arianna x

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