Arianna Aunon Award-Winning Women’s Health Specialist releases her first book on kindle today, birthing this baby as we birth our New Earth, we are remembering our pure divine healthy love nature, that is BLISS, that is the child-like spirit of JOY of the true-Self

The mind wanted to get this book out over a year ago, Soul wanted this book to be born right now, on the most auspicious dateline in our history. Last night I felt the labour pains in my womb, tossed and turned all night, as my body birthed with the Aquarian Age, yeah Beauty, we are doing this! Arising!

The Body Awakening is about walking in harmony with all life, yourself, others nature, our animals, our planet, It’s a journey home to an open joyful heart, a clear free mind, a healthy confident body, and balanced calm emotions, self-love is the ultimate journey, Welcome dear heart.

You get to shed what no longer serves you – the excess weight exhaustion sluggishness sugar/caffeine cravings fear worry frustration panic stress overthinking pain and ALL hormonal imbalances, when the root cause of all this is addressed we get to experience this blissful joyful heavenly epic Earthy life,
play cherish love, truth!

Breath Goddess, Be still, Be present, and know all is in divine order. Together we get to create health perfection in this body, and live the sacred beauty way with Mother Earth and Father Sky, all one, always have been, children of the Earth.

I share my journey and the steps I’ve mastered via The Body Awakening “WAY” to embodying pure health freedom after so much dis-ease and misinformation, I saw through the illusion of disease and came home to KNOWING – ‘ofcourse I can heal anything naturally, I’m a Goddess’, and so are you!

Let’s go Goddess’s🌹

You can get your copy via the link in the Bio.

You are so loved.

I love you!