You are a holistic being, whole and complete.

Feel your centre of knowing, OF TRUTH,
anchor here, and don’t sway.

The dieting health medical industries have lead you to believe you are separate, and to be separate is normal, it’s not normal because you are whole!

All the diets, high fat high protein low carb,
EVEN the removing of body parts, body parts are NOT for removing, this is backwards

Oh you need meat for complete protein, absolute BS, we need amino acids, where does the animal get their amino acids from, grass-plants

Oh you need dairy for calcium, absolute BS, for example citrus have super amounts of calcium, bioavailable, dairy is acid and leaches calcium from your bones,leading to hormonal issues a tough menopause thyroid/parathyroid issues weak bones stress exhaustion …

We are the only specie that thinks (realise I said thinks, because we think way to much, we need to feeeeeeel way more, we are feeling creatures) back to nature is truth🌿

the transition will always be different, the herbs you will need will be different, the protocols must be bespoke-example I will have different weaker organs than you, but the foundation we are anchoring into always comes back to the same point, root cause to freedom! Bliss-point!👙

when you heal the root of ALL dis-ease, toxicity and nutrition, you will see and feel all that is required is real cleansing, cellular detox, alkalizing, a solid foundation rooted in truth 🌳

Food becomes effortless easy a joy bliss liberation, a YOU that radiates happiness health confidence and peace

a controlled society has conditioned us to fear our bodies voice feelings being unique differently authentic, now it’s about re-membering your-TRUE-Self the lioness within

maintaining and embodying health in this body does not have to be hard or take long,
and is POSSIBLE for you Beauty, and this is what we support you with here at via the liberating @thebodyawakeningmethod journey 👗

How can I be so sure so certain- I found out what works and what doesn’t, what gets lasting results and what doesn’t, what’s truth and what’s lies,and why I created The Body Awakening Method

… its simple, yet so powerful, truth that gives you lasting health, its freedom for all

Set yourself free from the status quo and reclaim your Authentic Health Truth!

Ready to anchor into your authentic confident health truth that sets a solid foundation for your life at your bliss-point?

I am here to help you.

Arianna xx