Do you question happiness in your body?

Happiness in this body is real
I can promise you that.

Living for years depressed lost, in fear sick unhappy trying to escape this body
in many ways

I thought I could find it outside of myself,
food was one of my ways, but I wasn’t using food correctly to tap into it,
the food was making me feel even worse

I found my true happiness by cleaning my body from all toxicity
inside and out
changing the environment
to grow blossom
not dis-ease

We are made to fear our body
I want you to know,
You are safe,
and living in this body is safe
to heal her is safe
healing is happiness

I feared my body for so long
I feared her voice her language her weight her exhaustion her brain fog her bloating her pain her anxiety her sluggishness

this voice of the body
she is only giving you signals
so you don’t get sick,
the symptoms are to keep you from suffering in your body

here is why you must listen to the bodies voice

She will whisper
then shout
then scream

We can’t blame the body or moan about our health if we aren’t listening to her voice, and taking action to heal her,

where we want results
we have to choose
and give focus

I always choose optimal health, as I know it impacts every area of my life!

when she whispers
it’s time to take that action,

6 years ago I didn’t listen, even though intuitively I knew I had an infection,
but chose to ignore it, and continued doing what I was doing, thinking I would heal,

what’s gets us into that place
will not get you out of it, one major point I learnt – the root cause must be addressed,

Diets supplements and exercise don’t do this, this also became very clear on my healing journey,

I lost my hair glow energy digestive function concentration confidence hormone health and happiness

when you focus on the root cause
of toxicity and get the waste out of the colon gut and all elimination pathways,

the body will gain strength and vibrancy- through using mainly mucus free plant foods to cleanse and eliminate and various fasting and detox processes for regeneration and reseting the body

Begin with 1 day a week of just drinking juice and smoothies 100% fruit nothing else, this will take all pressure off your systems and allow it to do some regeneration and repair, you’ll feel energized clearer and lighter in your

heal the physical body and see the mind emotions and spirit rise higher and higher

removal of the cause
(cellular gut lymphatic kidney toxicity)
is where the bodies voice is heard
and the symptoms
ALL of them
fade away
true happiness
is reawakened
back to your source
of peace in this body

Healing the root cause
is the path I found
to true inner-happiness.

True Happiness starts in a clean body
free from obstruction,
nothing gets in the way anymore
of aligning more deeply with your truth
of light love and liberation.

What is the next step you’ll take to a healthier happier you?


Arianna x

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