On a Body Breakthrough call the other week with now a new 6 month courageous soul SistAr client, I got asked:

Q.“What if I don’t get the results I want, what if it doesn’t work for me?”

A. “the only way it won’t work for you is if you don’t follow my guidance and proven steps”

…and to add to this, if you’re uncoachable and have spiritual superiority complex, ‘you think you know it all’

we have to open up like a flower if we want to grow past our ego into our heartspace of truth 

I use to have this, there were times on my body healing and business journey, where I was like, I know that, don’t need that — when that other person speaking, is from God, shining back at you, words of truth speaking through them for your highest benefit (learning to receive the support was part of my journey)

…and why I truly believe in having support,

as a courageous woman who respects herself, I chose no more struggle no more guessing, as I got to understand the power of true accountability

…you are never alone, and get to be fully supported!

♾I see True Evolution is when we evolve together, 

we come together, we remember our UNITY♾

without booking the Breakthrough call and saying a the courageous Soul Yes to myself, investing nearly $100k now in my growth, whilst shitting my pants, fearing I’ve made the wrong decision, investing before I even had the money, embracing uncertainty with trust in myself, listening to my heart not my heads scarcity programs, but going with the excitement in my soul in the moment

… I got the results I dreamt of and fully owned my vision! rose like that phoenix from the ashes!🐉🔥it takes guts, and it takes listening to your gut, that inner KNOWing that’s calling you to your FREEDOM 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support I invested in, I felt the fear, saw it trying to hold me back, no chance, and took action anyway, I chose love!

Respect love and gratitude to all my coach’s mentors guides healers brothers sisters, I love you! Thank you!❤️

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