It’s time for total Body Awakening Freedom before the end of 2019 💃🏻💕entering 2020 vibrant embodied centred calm and grounded, fall in love with you

this mucus free-lean journey just keeps giving keeps awakening keeps freeing up more and more space within,

using food as a medicine
is when we use it to cleanse and eliminate
it’s using – food from gods garden
it’s using – food as a catalyst to shed

cravings emotions excess weight exhaustion brain fog depression hormonal imbalances ALL dis-ease

it’s using – wildcraft herbs to activate
it’s using – movement to awaken
it’s using – breath to attune
it’s using – frequencies to anchor heal and rise together

food was my biggest battle
now food is my biggest liberation

food has so many answers
now is the time to step up for the love of you and your precious
oh so sacred

I’m inviting a very small and intimate group of women who are ready to live their dreams of Freedom, ready to see massive shifts as this food medicine caresses and nourishes all of you, and your whole body


It’s a cellular activation
It’s body liberation

Where more …
potential rises
energy rises
ease rises
self-acceptance rises
truth rises
gentle love rises
bliss rises

the journey of divine self-love💕that emanates into all your relationships, family, work, business, clients, it’s magnetic

Ready Beautiful?

The Body Awakening Ibiza💎
Retreat Program🍧
6 nights & 12 weeks 1:1 guidance with Arianna
20-26 Oct
Application via a 1:1 call only💌

Ibiza, Island magic,
healing energy all around you,
immersed in the beauty of our vibrant healing home,

Come home to your liberation
and make
awakened health
awakened living
your new permanent

healing becomes easy
connected grounded and freeing
dropping away from everyday life
a vibrant pattern interrupt

in the sun let it kiss your sweet skin☀️
under the stars connected to it all 💫
smell the ocean fresh and pure🌊
eat the sweet fruits 🍉
eat the vibrant veggies 🥗
heal with wild herbs attune your body🌱
dance your freedom let go and flow💃🏻
detox to bliss recode your DNA🌈
reset to thriving heal and shine👗
body frequency rejuvenation – It’s Time 

drop back into all of you
feel your centre
feel your strength
feel your healing
as you come home to your truth.

Ready Beautiful? Ready for healthy radiant nourishing self-love to reset your body to peace and ease? Ready to invest into you and your freedom? Ready now to make sure you begin 2020 aligned vibrant in your body free from excess weight energized clear focused and feeling amazing?

Your body is calling,
Are you listening Beautiful?

Let’s connect,
private message if you’d like to explore this over a phone call xx