As a kid I never learnt what real love was,

I learnt that love was something I had to find outside of myself, through food giving my body away people pleasing being a good girl sticking to the rules …

My body became this thing that I used to search for love, but through the distorted sense of eating junk processed stimulating foods, being ‘good’ – to be loved by another, unhealthy relationships,
to fill me up to make me feel full – to make me feel whole, because I thought I was missing something

You are born whole. missing nothing.

This has been one of my biggest most liberatingly profound lessons and healings of my life so far, to no longer seek love outside of myself,

Because I am the love I seek
We are seeking our own love

You are the love you seek

Love is our very being
Love is what our body is made of

The love I was seeking all along was my own love, but it was easier to seek it outside of myself, to not have to face what I needed to heal, so love got distorted and made into something it is not

Learning so deeply to love myself
To hold myself to nourish myself
To heal myself to free myself
Has been the most beautiful journey,

It’s been challenging
It’s definitely not been easy
It’s been so worth it

I made big commitments
I let go of a lot people
I set healthy boundaries
I embodied my values
I said yes to my sacred birthright of the best health ever and standing in my power

A guiding light
Holding the touch of grace and truth
for humanity and our planet,

I care for you
I care for our planet
We all matter so much,
You are so precious.

Now I can love another so gracefully
so deeply, as I live in the peace of my heart with who I am and what I stand for,

the love I get to share with another is now
so pure so free so open
so kind so gentle so sweet
so feminine, and so powerful – it’s lucid

No longer do I …
attach to another
give my power away
people please
dim my light
cover up my beauty
let others fears affect me
use my body to escape
use food to escape

And all these shifts and healings have come from healing my body of physical obstruction and deep trauma and reprogramming my mind and emotions,
releasing toxic waste out of my cells,
resetting my body at a cellular level,
regenerating and detoxing my tissue and healing my organs with plant foods cellular regeneration and quantum processes

Everything is stored in our organs,
clean them, heal them,
and everything shifts and heals naturally,
it’s how you are built

You are a powerful piece of technology

Everyone’s looking for the next best piece of technology

we are it. we always have been.

A piece of sacred technology
made of love light and liberation
to overcome anything
with the medicine of
Mother Earth Plant Energy

So with the love in your heart,
you get to decide today,
to lovingly take action on your health and body, and too no longer settle for anything less than your sacred birthright of peace ease and liberation in your body

What are you letting go of committing to free yourself of …pressing the reset button for 2020? let me know below, I hear you x

You are free.

I love you!

Arianna x

#2020bodyawakening #resetandrise