the completion of a huge cycle, seeking for over 2 decades to understand everything,

we can seek all our life, or we can deep dive inward and find everything we’ve been seeking,

Full moon in Leo and total release,
cycle completed! Amen!

Friday I did one of the hardest things I have ever done, and the most liberating

Sometimes we have to lose everything
to gain everything, the breakthrough is in the opportunity of the challenge

All the healing I have done to this day
has been for this day
to see it all so clearly

it has all been so worth it

I choose the light
I choose love❤️always

The fire in my heart
the courage in my soul
guided me all the way
to my freedom

and it’s here
for us all
when we listen

I voiced my trauma to the man who did it,
I was afraid, but I knew this was the breakthrough of my life, as it has been the root to so much pain

By voicing our truth
we clear entire timelines
past present future

we open the wound right up
so light can penetrate our being
and activate more of the light
we are

People will hear what they want to hear
depending on where they are internally,

I am responsible for me

I can feel everything dropping away,
layers of energetic toxicity leaving my body, my life, cords, entanglement,
karma dissolving

as I breathed in the sea air, after breaking a 36hr dry fast, making space to feel-to heal, eating only fruit for 2 days,

using the plants to heal🌿
to reveal the light
everything resets 💎

I bow to mother
I bow to las plantas
I bow to this sacred earth
that has given us everything
we need to heal

I can feel the deep relief in my heart, that I spoke up for me, I spoke my truth, I spoke honesty through love for my freedom, and the freedom of others #weriseasone

this is for us all
are actions impact each other
I Do and Be for all humanity
for the freedom of our planet

Holding onto these words
damages our
heart body mind soul and planet

Speaking up and voicing our truth
is so deeply awakening

I have healed so much in my life by simply speaking up, one of the most challenging things, here we rise, and one of the most freeing actions we can takes

Today I reclaim all of my
sacred power strength truth love freedom peace
at my core,

I ask you to join me if you are ready?

Breath with me, breath in, breath out,

let it all go, like the leaves falling from the trees, so naturally, releasing all control🍂

I pressed reset on my entire life

something we all get to do!

It’s a choice.

When we can see everything as a gift, everything changes, our greatest challenges hold our greatest breakthroughs and opportunity to rise
and to be more,
it’s our virtue.

Are you joining me on pressing the reset button and living your sacred freedom?

Comment below with a 🦋if you’re with me ❤️or PM me if you are ready for support

Arianna x

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