Detoxing my gut, as well as every cell in my BEing has been the most transformational journey and continues to be, enhancing this earthly experience every bit deeper
clearing out 
more old stagnant waste each time

To heal that magical gut of yours! that’s controlling everything from the way you feel look believe live do Be and behave

Does everyone have gut imbalances? 
Can you explain more, what about the evidence?

kinda weird to get your head around this, but this is who we are 
only 10% human cells 
and 90% microbes

This is very important to understand, as it gives you clear proof and answers to how the body heals 
and what is needs to heal and be in optimal health

the answers are all in our 3rd brain 
yes we have 3!
the obvious one
then your gut
then your microbiome (conscious awareness immortal life, that is living in you AND needs to be taken care of)
discovered in the last century 
known as your microbiome
which impacts- your hormones massively so also your weight energy clarity strength focus presence food habits and behaviors

If you’ve ever eaten 
animals products 
taken medication 
synthetic supplements 
been stressed
had weight fluctuations 
hormonal imbalances 
toxicity burden 
thyroid issues


This all indicates gut-microbial imbalances 
which stem from- 
🍉Disturbed body pH
🧀Waste backing up at a cellular level 
💧Lymphatic stagnation 
🍫Hormone communication breakdown
🐛Parasite growth taking over your show –
as they control what you eat, how you feel, what you think and how you act! physically emotionally mentally energetically – they are POWERFUL
and conscious !

there are many microbes we need to survive, but there are also many we need to remove from the body or keep
under control i.e. Candida, H.plyori …are 2 microbes that live within us as part of us, and we need them, but when they get out of control because of the wrong foods going in, to much toxicity building up, acidic tissue pH cell dehydration, inflammation, stress, poor lifestyle choices and lack of oxygen and light in the body, 
they go wild 
you feel the consequences

which can present as:
brain fog
weight gain & loss
body pain
skin issues
hair loss
sugar, fat, carb, stimulating cravings 
thyroid imbalances 
a tough menopause 
misaligned hormones 
muddled in your thoughts

ONLY the got is detoxed can this heal fully, we MUST remove the obstruction

As you are unique-
you can have the same microbial overgrowth as the person next to you, 
but present 
in totally different symptoms

We all have our own weakness’s
and so the stress impacts that part of your body
So to answer your question, does everyone have gut issues?

Yes they do, 
Why and how am I so sure and certain about this,
Because nearly the entire planet are not eating to support the health of their gut, or body for that matter, but eating to feed what’s living inside them, feeding your emotions, attachments, acidic body that craves foods not meant for the human body

instead eating to degenerate

when we must eat to REGENERATE
for health and healing 
and to live a long youthful vibrant life 
ANTI-AGED at your Cellular frequency

AND so you can be eating a fairly health diet, but what is healthy anymore, the word health has been totally misused,

If your lifestyle is;
Rich in animal products
Stimulating foods 
Synthetic Supplements
Fizzy drinks
Processed foods
More than 30% cooked food

your gut will be compromised
even if you only have a couple on the list above, it will still be compromised and when the gut gets compromised 
IT BECOMES a living breeding ground for parasites more fungus more toxins more acid more mucus more obstruction,

you literally draw it to you
As the body is toxic
It emits positive ions
which actually attract toxic substances 
to the body into you
the thyroid being the most charged gland 
to attract toxicity and why we are seeing so much dis-ease in this point 
between the lower and upper dimensions of the body

as well as stone formations 
clogging up your liver kidneys pancreas
STOPPING vital daily cellular elimination

Accumulation of waste 
THIS stops the flow of energy, stops healing, and means you get stuck in place of thinking you’re eating right, taking the right minerals and vitamins, and moving your body, 
When actually for as long as all this gunk is inside you
Blocking your vibrancy alignment clarity freedom TRUE HEALING
then you stay stuck and in the dark

there’s attention and focus on what really matters here, 
The removal of the parasites mucus and acid

Then the the body can start to-

AND then you get to see how important your gut health is

no really it is, and I mean way beyond just you, it’s the centre of creation of the whole of the universe that is you and is all around you

Totally out there, yes totally 
And totally true to the core of existence

Your gut is the seat of you 
Karma, creation, beliefs, dharma, awakening, sacred frequency, 

and when you heal this


you get to be one with your divine BIRTHRIGHT of LIVING 
totally liberation

remove the waste parasites mucus acid fungus 
And then you will see what you really want to eat nourish and put inside you 
You get to feel the strength 
of who you are at your core


so when you feed the world inside you with the rich abundant juicy plant foods
you see the world inside you and outside transform heal

As within so without
As above so below

Evidence is in you: your symptoms? how do you feel right now? Honesty Gorgeous… don’t kid yourself any longer,

I’ve been there and it’s not pretty when we ignore the bodies truth …

So, those feelings, what are they?
YOU know 
you’re here to thrive shine bright feel alive radiant vibrant 
in your body mind soul 
trusting you
owning your magnificence

So if you’re third brain, your mircobiome – hormones, DNA, anti-aging genes are lacking in pure energy light 
obstructed by the wrong foods, 
you will pay the price

It’s time for …
Plant foods
Mucus free & lean living 
Freeing yourself from the numbing of stimulants 
Cellular regeneration 
Frequency healing 
Active cellular Botanicals 

THIS. Changes the gut. Heals the gut. Heals you, and eliminates the waste that’s is in your way of feeling 
the way you dream about.

You KNOW you are here to feel radiant aligned and wide awake 
Connected confident and clear

Standing as the Queen you are 
In her sovereignty

Heal your gut
It’s the foundation 
This means 
Focusing also on your 
It’s entangled and connected 
it must all be supported 
To bring harmony and alignment to your Being

And so it is. Done.

This is it.


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