This approach transformed my whole life, my health troubles started in my teens with anxiety stress poor skin hormone imbalances weight gain exhaustion brain fog out of control emotions sugar caffeine carb salt cravings all the time

As I delved into the health world and years of studies investigation, to find out so much was NOT leading me to health, but leading me to more suppression

I wanted root healing, I wanted full freedom in my body, I wanted lasting results, I wanted to love myself, I wanted to know how to feel good in my body and about my feminine body, with my sexuality, accept who I was, I wanted to feel at peace in my clothes and feel able to express my authentic self without fear, I wanted to enjoy food without always worrying about if I was eating the right thing, getting enough …,I wanted to heal my self-judgement and childhood sexual trauma, and most of all, I wanted to feel fulfilled, on purpose alive with life and joy in this sensual body 

After a wild ride of symptoms that lead to hypothyroidism self-hate hiding behind so many masks body shame even more unhealthy eating habits supplement  obsession self-sabotage perfectionism 

When I said yes to change in my body, when I said yes to embracing new vibrant eating habits that would nourish me help me feel well, when I found that inner excitement to be my best self, to do this for me, because yes, I am worth it, yes I deserve it

The journey to alkalizing my precious body began, and I’ve NEVER looked back, cause it just keeps getting better and better, really, there aren’t words for it, other than

pure freedom 

pure liberation 

in this feminine body

Unshackled from the past the old ways the acidic food and stagnant old emotions, I started to let it go, if you want to experience more Gorgeous woman, you can

I came home to remembering, 

heal self, and you serve the whole

Love you!❤️

Arianna x

founder of The Body Awakening Reset Method🌿 which is this alkaline approach I speak of above.

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