We accept others for their differences and uniqueness when we have accepted ourselves, to argue, fight, be at war, is an illusion really, because it’s you fighting you

My ego found uniqueness suspicious, but then my  heart opened as I healed my body, now I revel in the beauty of uniqueness, oh how boring life would be if we were all the same

When we live at peace in our sacred heart, from healing the liver, and clearing out toxicity, our wounding, our waste, our past, purifying, then we can understand another, even when their opinion is totally different to our own, 



allow accept embrace OPEN

I mean, why are you trying to change another? It’s you that has to change? I wasted so much power and energy on trying to change people in my life, 

I realised 3 years ago, I am not here to change anyone but myself

Acceptance is freedom to move into response, and let go of a life of reaction and habit 

Ahhh, the relief, the understanding, the awakening, focus on YOU Beauty! It’s all about you, and it all starts in your body your liver your gut your heart your cells … healthy hormones are the point of communication in your temple, align clear embody right here 

Get the body communicating efficiently and see the outward communication in your relationships shift, the greatest learning was the relationship I had with my food and body, I healed this, and made it my focus for the last 7 years, 

I said YES to myself!

I chose to LOVE myself beyond my fear of what any would think of me, I went within and liberated

No ones going to save you darling, you’ve gotta save yourself, ground into that fierce feminine wild woman you know is hiding out in your heart, unleash her, let her roar, let her stand like the lioness she is – owning honouring respecting loving her body temple of pure aliveness 

SELF-LOVE is the way, everything starts here, everything shifts here, everything heals here

Aha, you hear me love, no ones messing with my body temple, no way, this is my body my life my loving heart, and she’s mine to heal and open too

REMEMBER, you can heal it all, it’s all possible, let’s come home to our precious hearts and rise together in unity, woman who stand by each other who love each other who hold each other and cheer each on!

Ready to feel happy, healthy, confident and alive!? 

…this is the way of The Body Awakening Programs

You’ve got this Goddess!❤️

Love & Warmth

Arianna xx