Emotional eating will be at an all time high right now, with the huge energy shifts on our planet, the extra stress, time alone, more time around those that may trigger us, more space to think and feel …

I want to share a different fresh perspective on emotional eating,
it’s always looked upon as “I’m so bad” …

‘oh I’m a pig if I eat that, I feel fat but I’m going to eat it anyway, I know it’s not good for me but I’m going to have it because I want it …’

… we are human, it’s Ok … be gentle on you

No ones wrong or bad or lazy if they emotional eat, our emotions are simply telling us where we are at inside ourselves

So I see emotional eating as a guiding light,
to take us to those parts of us maybe we’ve been ignoring, dismissing, shaming, burying, hiding …

Whether it’s sweet salty sour crunchy soft textures, it all links into our emotional field … of, being loved, loving ourselves, feelings of overwhelm, stress – all trigger the body to go for certain foods and patterns stored in our cellular memory, the crunch the spice, are you craving soft squidgy foods,

Our emotions give us guidance,
do we need to love and nurture ourselves more? Is what I’m eating showing that I love and care for my body?

Food and emotions are so deeply connected and highlight so much towards are next healing steps …

If I know I’m making a choice from emotion not from nourishment and love for my body mind and soul, then I simple ask;
…why do I want this food?
…what will this food give me that I can’t give myself?
…what am I afraid of feeling?

Many feelings will be surfacing during this time, and food is something we can use to not feel,
it’s in those feelings that we unlock the deeper connection to our body our sensuality our feminine energy our confidence our happiness and our feminine power and truth …

You are safe to go there Beautiful
It is safe to feel
You are safe to feel
You are safe

What are your food habits trying to show you?

…and let’s remember, the food that we thrive off can be so deeply delicious and satisfying, freedom in every mouth🥥😋

Arianna x

PS. If you are feeling lost with your eating rhythms, emotions, struggling to find a clear path to instill new healthy supportive habits, and know food is holding you back and getting in the way of your growth, next level, visibility, voice, body confidence, and you are ready to be free of this, and to feel peace with yourself and food,

PM me and let me know a little about what’s going on for you, it’s fully confidential between you and me,

If you’re ready to heal this and move forward now, I’m here holding that safe space for you x

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