Let’s talk parasites, I was riddled with these things, we need some sure, we are 95% microbial DNA, and why they matter SO much, there are also many that cause huge disturbances to your hormones cells DNA brain heart detox pathways energy – the lot

…and cause you to feel stressed drained exhausted crave sugar caffeine carbs have brain fog feel anxious have weight imbalances and so much more, when I shifted these out of my body everything transformed, all symptoms went completely, as the root of obstruction is addressed everything heals

I once thought it was about just taking herbs, nope, it’s going through an actual process to physically get them out of the body, healing the inner body scape from acid to alkaline so they don’t keep using you as host, and set a nutrition foundation over a transition cycle like I share in the TBAMethod

the shifts I had were so powerful !
a clarity presence focus energy lightness embodiment I had never felt, a level of health began to unfold I never imagined possible, it just got better and better and better, living healthy happy body confident and clear, the processes I put my body through and created as part of The Body Awakening Method have allowed me to see the limitless possibilities in this body

you can heal it all, we all can, you are born with health, you get to rekindle it and embody that body freedom and fully love the process of coming home to paradise and joy in your being.

infusing your journey with warmth & love ♥️