Is it really easier to ignore?
No, humanity matters, you matter,
we all matter, so holding back real raw truth is a disservice to humanity,
I care deeply about you and all humanity, and the planet we all live on to fluff about

For cancer research UK to say eating organic foods make no difference then eating regular pesticide herbicide fungicide glyphosate GMO produced foods, is a disgrace to humanity,
question everything peeps,

Nutrition org are still listing milk as the second most important hydration for kids, this toxic mistruth misinformed BS is causing cancer autoimmune autism heart disease diabetes weight gain depression skin issues, and many other imbalances, not to mention the cellular damage taking place from such a young age, milk is meant for a baby cow, not a human body

Diabetes ADA, talks about a balanced diet and how a Mediterranean diet is great for diabetics, recipes on their site are full of meats- pork turkey chicken, oil and salt, oh but low in sugar, let’s get informed here and know that sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, fat does,

And again, the British Heart Foundation saying eat a balanced diet, but no one knows what a real balanced way of eating is, their balanced diet is grains mucus milk more mucus meat eggs and more mucus and acid, yet they end with
‘choose options lower in fat salt and sugar’, but advise a diet high in fat?!?!

On fertility network UK nutrition is barely mentioned as a treatment option, nutrition done correctly along with other lifestyle changes has a 85-90% success rate, compared to IVF which has a 20-30% success rate,

All fake, set up to make something called dis-ease control us and put us in fear, when we have everything we need to heal and thrive naturally, remove the root cause of all imbalance, toxic waste, removes all DIS-ease, and awakens true vibrant health

“say meat and diary are great for cancer fertility and heart disease and we’ll give you 10 million a year”, example right, yes this is what’s happening!!

It’s not about being negative it’s once again about being real so we can all be clear on truth and how we can all live our healthiest lives and bring healthy pure souls into this world, and not instantly infect ourselves and BA sues with foods not meant for beings of light and love

I am all about pure love light freedom beauty art paradise bliss euphoria, this is where I now live 90%, but I can’t sit on my butt and hold back real raw truths so humanity can stay in denial and unaware of what’s really going on in the health industry

I mean, Bill Gates is suddenly an expert on health vaccines and humanities wellbeing, give me a f**king break, this is the game the illusion we have to see straight through, now is the time #thegreatawakening🌏🔥
it is forsure!

As someone who use to teach nutrition from a very limited perspective, I see many still doing the same, I had to heal my own food habits patterns attachments before I could truly be the master of plant nutrition I am now, this took deep potent commitment to embody the truth heal and now teach and share it with the world, there is always more to learn

It was this devotion to the truth on nutrition that transformed my body health life and has done the same for many other amazing women busy mums female leaders agents of changes entrepreneurs worldwide also wanting the truth

AND, this is why I see so many people thinking they’ve tried everything, when simply, no, we haven’t tried everything until we are embodying the physical paradise we are all here for, this takes leaving the main stream, existing out of all the fad diets, binning the nonsense that fitness makes us lose weight and get healthy, and getting real with what detox really means (hint: it’s not something we do occasionally, it’s a way of living)

Let’s all be aware that any imbalance doesn’t stop there, it develops, and WHY we must all listen to the body, trust the body and nourish her hold and love her deeply

Cancer diabetics type 1 and 2 heart disease infertility can ALL be healed fully through correct use of bespoke plant food nutrition and cellular detox, specific to the individuals situation and needs,

Truth is, the truth can hurt, it took having to let go of years of studies, and to start over again, and this is where commitment to truth takes us

How far are we willing to go to live our healthiest happiest most divine truth of paradise in this body …

the beautiful thing is, there’s a clear path through it all, when we step out of the illusion of false claims and mistruths …

How far are you willing to go?

A xx

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert –

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