a cancer crab, I’m a watery emotional deeply caring sensitive and creative creature

but for so long I suppressed my sensitive vulnerability soft nature to not be seen as weak 

growing up around family I saw how emotions weren’t accepted, they were ignored, made bad wrong and suppressed, like it was not acceptable to feel, just keep pushing through 

I’ve seen the pain weight-gain hormone imbalances stress depression that has arisen from this suppression of e-motions (energy in motion)

simply energy wanting to express itself, without attachment, just moving through

I’ve come to understand and see the beauty in all emotion, no right or wrong, it is what it is

we are safe to feel and express it all, here we begin to learn emotional maturity, and truly here, the body gets to heal optimally 

and well-being is understood, which in turn liberates that individual to a new way of being, peacefully within Self, she/he arises to know ourselves much more clearly and compassionately

as we soften into our hearts, which start to open, flower blossom, when we heal our emotional body, and true humanity is birthed 

emotions and the physical and mental body are all connected interwoven, so as we heal one, the other is positively impacted and revived as well, we can’t ignore this truth 

If someone had told me I had so much anger rage sadness hurt shame guilt stored inside this body, I would have laughed it off, because I didn’t know this body, I had no clue what was stored in her

I had to drop my ego, my I’m spiritual- I know everything complex, and humble myself, to feel truth, to let go, to FEEL IT ALL, and hold myself in compassion love care and healing if I was to ever live in peace as me 

plant food and cellular detox has allowed me to access this level of emotional freedom and body peace, it’s cleared the way, so I could see to the bottom

no ones seeing to the bottom of an acidic mucus filled pond, same in this body, but an alkaline mucus free body, see it feel it heal it ALL 

Do you know the potential of your body if it’s cellular detoxed, alkalised and supported?

I didn’t, now I do. 

Absolute FREEDOM, 

to simply BE. 

Love you!